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Follow the highly controversial and draconian measure by President Trump’s executive order on entry to the USA, to say people are indignant is an understatement. Protests have erupted at a number of airports in the United States where the ban has taken immediate effect. Additionally, a number of business leaders have spoken out against the order, denouncing it as ‘unjust’, ‘discriminatory’ and a host of other critical adjectives. Such business heavyweights include Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Mark Parker CEO of Nike, Mark Fields CEO of Ford and Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google. But alas, the fashion industry has remained surprisingly reticent about the actions of the Administration.

The online fashion blog, Business of Fashion, in the last few tumultuous days attempted to reach out to executives at iconic firms like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta for comment on Trump’s brazen ban on immigration. The publication was for all intents and purposes, met with radio silence on the issue. This is a marked contrast to the tech industry in which leaders from Google, Apple and Facebook have all rallied against the ban. The fashion industry’s silence is cause for concern and may be seen as cowardice, or sycophantic pandering to Trump’s deregulating and pro-business agenda. It is also an industry in which several high-profile figures are immigrants themselves; the last pair on the aforementioned list to illustrate. That’s not to mention the fact that the fashion industry is deeply reliant on labour from foreign countries and should, therefore be one of the first to speak out when their labourer’s civil rights are infringed.

Despite the looming threat of internal terrorism in these turbulent times, a blanket ban on a whole nation or religion is not considered to be the appropriate measure to mitigate tensions. The slew of celebrities, business leaders and dignitaries that have spoke out against the ban is deemed as an unequivocally positive step; the influence and exposure which they command will ramp up the pressure on the government to backtrack. Many people are now demanding that the leading lights in the fashion industry should follow their example and disavow the racially charged policies of the new Administration. Otherwise, there is a very real risk that they could lose face. Companies occupy the privileged position in modern society, but with that comes the responsibility to act as a bulwark and stand up for democratic freedoms. The fashion industry would do well to acknowledge this reality.

Is it right or wrong? We accept this is a matter for huge debate and this isn’t something that we’re going to discuss here in this post. We are unaware if this executive order has been taken due to other secret information that the world isn’t privy to, and we’re unaware whether Trump is merely following other orders, or if he really does take decisions of such magnitude so lightly. To achieve this level of success he has clearly made some huge decisions in the past, and it could be his decision making nous that will either make him or break him as the President of the United States.

Either way and to stay out of the political commentary bias, we simply can’t help but laugh at some of the printed T Shirts featuring ‘The Donald’ that are available on the internet. I’ve listed some of our favourite picks below.

Please note that these T Shirts are not designed by, nor sold by Garment Printing. They merely made us chuckle.

Hopefully, these printed T Shirts will bring some chuckles and light humour to an otherwise controversial matter. We hope for the best.


When searching for a funny Donald Trump T-Shirt on Google, it’s difficult to find one that doesn’t take aim at his hairstyle. Whether you’re of the opinion that it’s a wig or a questionable comb over – or maybe you believe that his hair is actually his own – you can’t help but laugh at this T-Shirt by Customised Girl.

On the website, the T-Shirt is described as:

“Get a funny political Donald Trump T-Shirt! “There will be hell toupee”. Make fun of Trump’s hair…or lack there of, with this witty presidential election tee.”


We found the next Trump-inspired T-Shirt at

Again, this T-Shirt takes aim at the hairstyle which is donned by the Donald and it does this in a humorous parody of the famous ‘Hope’ poster. Using a clever play on the phrase “We shall overcome”, offer their insight as to what they think is going on up top by suggesting that Trump would be better off by saying “We shall over comb”


We’re unsure whether this T-Shirt is trying to claim that a) The Donald is actually a thug or b) whether he’s just a bit of a gangster.

Either way, this T-Shirt from drew a few chuckles from us here at Garment Printing thanks to the rap star sunglasses and the clever use of colour on the ‘cigarette’ that Donald is smoking.


For the fourth T-Shirt on our list, we return back to and present their hilarious Trumpkin T-Shirt.

Replacing Donald Trump’s face with a pumpkin whilst keeping the hairstyle on top was a stroke of genius that was always going to be a winner with us.

The use of the pumpkin to highlight the ‘slight’ orange glow to Trump’s complexion while the still donning his now famous hairstyle on top, for us, just sells this T-Shirt.


The final T-Shirt on our list comes from and this anti-Donald Trump T-Shirt draws its inspiration from Donald’s surname.

The clever T-Shirt highlights their thoughts on exactly where Trump’s idea of building a wall came from. Or they’re implying that there is one particular part of Trump’s anatomy that he talks out of (clue, it’s not his mouth).

Either way, it’s a funny T-Shirt.

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