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Promotional Merchandise

If you own a start-up company, you probably realise how important getting custom printed merchandise is for the success of your company. After all, there isn’t a better way of getting the world to know you and what you do than having other people advertising your brand on your behalf.

The events you go to, conferences, marketing meetings, competitions, networking events – all of these fantastic occasions where having printed merchandise to hand out to would-be customers and investors could be the difference between them remembering who you are in the future and forgetting you as soon as they meet someone else.

Printed merchandise is a brilliant way to identify yourself in any sector whether it’s sports, business, advertising, charity work, or music. It helps you gain visibility and lets you take advantage of guerrilla marketing.


Merchandise is an excellent way of getting your name and logo in front of more people. By doing this you’re increasing the visibility of your brand and when people require the service that you’re offering, they’ll remember that you offer it and will be in contact with you.

You can use merchandise in a variety of different ways, it can be used to attract customers and build a larger client base by taking your own merch to events and conferences where you can hand it out to potential customers.

Another way is to offer your printed merchandise to the world by selling your merchandise in an online store. So, if you created a cool range of printed T Shirts showing off your brand, you could then offer them an online store where your customers could purchase any of the T Shirts that they like. This also extends to printed accessories such as mugs, pens and umbrellas right up to other printed wearables from printed sunglasses to printed flip flops.

Both ways are excellent ideas which can be used to increase brand visibility for your startup and they also give your biggest fans the perfect way to show their love and support for you and what you do.

Various startups around the world sell their own printed merchandise which shows just how successful it can be in helping you establish yourself within your particular sector. Github, for example, offers brilliant promotional T Shirts which include a clever use of white space on the back.

The Github T Shirts feature part of a URL on the back which allows the customer to write their own endings to their Github address within the white space. This not only helps the customers to advertise their Github web addresses, but it also advertises Github at the same time.

These T Shirts show off just how powerful and influential promotional T Shirts can be when it comes to promoting your company and startup.


Printed merchandise comes in a variety of different forms, whether you’re looking for novelty items like printed sunglasses to hand out to potential customers, or if you’re looking for printed T Shirts to market yourself at events and sell to your customers for increased brand awareness.

It’s important to ensure that all of the printed merchandise you get for your startup is printed to the highest possible standard as the merchandise also acts as a representation of your brand. At Garment Printing, we specialise in creating printed merchandise for a variety of different customers, from bands to sporting events, we’ve got everyone covered.

So, if you’re looking to promote your startup then contact us now to find out how we can help you promote your startup at any upcoming events that you have.

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