Printed Merchandise for Universities, Societies and Students



Everyone knows that creating your own range of printed merchandise is an excellent way of raising additional revenue which can help raise extra funds for particular companies, organisations and events. One industry which is rarely spoke about when it comes to selling merchandise to generate profit is Universities. Not just universities, Students and Societies can also benefit from the revenue that selling custom merchandise can bring. The money that you can raise through selling your own merch can go a long way in helping to you fund different events, outings and various other projects that you, your society or your university might get involved with.

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We’ve recently seen university societies become more involved with charity organisations and they are coming up with unique and brilliant ways of raising donations for a chosen charity through a variety of different projects which are all organised by different groups within a university.

Until now, you’ve probably had to rely on handouts and donations from passersby and other money raising schemes but, did you know that you can quickly and easily sell your own printed merchandise and this is a brilliant way of raising additional funds and also raising awareness of your society and university at the same time. At Garment Printing, we understand the value of a printed T-Shirt and the benefits that you can get from selling your own merchandise but if you’re a student or part of a society, how can you afford to create your own T Shirts and still expect to make money?

The answer? On Demand.

Our On Demand T-Shirt drop shipping service is a unique service which is tailor made for students and universities as it’s designed to take the expense, hassle and stress out of selling your own clothing range. The service is designed with brilliant features such as:

  • Your very own web store to sell your designs
  • Integrated into our order management system so we receive all of your orders
  • We print and ship directly to your customers
  • We handle any customer service needs that you may need.

The beauty of our On Demand system is that it completely removes the need for you to lay down large sums of money at the start and, as a result, there’s no risk of your being lumbered with stock that you’re unable to sell.

This also applies to universities who are looking to sell their own printed merchandise to students. Usually, you have to order bulk quantities of each design and then store them in a physical location and wait for customers to view and buy the clothing before you begin seeing a return on your investment. There are two potential downsides to this old and outdated system.


The first is that when the stock sells you’ve got to wait for a replenish your stock so you can begin selling the clothing range again. The second problem is that if a particular design doesn’t sell, you’re left with stock that you can’t sell and you’ll then have to start applying heavy discounts to move the stock or there’s a risk that you’ll have to throw away the stock – which is basically throwing away your money. With our On Demand service, you don’t have to hold on to the physical stock and this means that you’ll never run out. You can also direct your customers to your online store to buy the designs so you can continue to sell your popular lines even when you don’t have then available in a store.

We’ll also only print a garment when an order is received which means that if a particular design doesn’t sell for any particular reason, we won’t print it. This removes any lingering threat of dead stock and it also allows you to track your most popular selling designs and gives you the freedom to test designs before listing them in your store.

So, if you’re looking to sell merchandise for your university, if you’re a society looking to raise additional revenue, or if you’re a student who is looking to create a new and unique clothing range – sign up to our On Demand service and begin making sales now.

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