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We’ve all been there, our iPod’s have shuffled to our favourite song, the one that makes us getting up and singing like we’re in front of a crowd that’s 30,000 strong. Dreaming about being the next big thing is something that all of us have done, well I know I have any way, but for some, that dream is an achievable reality. The UK is bursting with talent, both young and old, spanning every genre from the darkest depths of Death Metal, to the lightest forms of folk and classical music. Regardless of how talented you are (or, at least think you are), if no one knows who you are then all of your hard work straining your vocal chords will have been in vain.

“How do I get noticed?” I can hear you screaming from beneath the rumbling feedback.

Well, there’s actually a lot that you can do to promote your band (or yourself if you’re a solo artist) that doesn’t involved relentlessly plugging away on social media and annoying your friends with link after link to your YouTube videos or your next gig at the Hand In Glove on a Sunday night.

If you’re a band or solo artist, it’s incredibly important that you gain more exposure in the industry and one of the best ways of achieving this aside from gigging night after night, is to produce some high-quality printed merchandise so your current fanbase can get involved and help spread the word about how talented you are. Nothing looks more impressive than a perfectly printed band T-Shirt on the merchandise racks to the side of the stag, or a group of loyal fans moshing wildly, sporting your latest jaw dropping design on the front.

Printing your own designs may seen like a futile investment, but statistics do show that bands with printed T Shirts are actually 60% more likely to be remembered after the gig. This means more people searching the internet for you, more people watching your videos, more people recommending you to their friends and more chance of you actually securing a record deal and actually making it big.

The next big question that you’re probably asking yourself is “which merchandise is actually worth investing in?” Well, lucky you, I’ve decided to provide a list in order of value for exposure and some tips on how we can help you achieve rock and roll stardom in the not so distant future.


A basic T-Shirt, in either black or white, is the biggest selling item for touring bands and these can actually help you to fund the entire tour. We recommend going for a large print on the front and your social media handles or website on the back. This means whichever way your fans are facing, your band is getting exposure and being shown off to the general public.

If you think T Shirts might be the perfect item to help you make that leap from Karaoke-king to sell out superstar then contact Garment Printing today. We offer great deals whether you’re looking for small or medium runs which means that you don’t have to bulk order 100’s of T Shirts which you potentially won’t sell. With all of the printing techniques available, including Screen Printing and DTG, we can perfectly recreate your designs and create the best quality custom T Shirts.Check out some of our case studies

2. Printed Stickers:

Stickers are a cheap solution which can bring in great return in terms of getting your name out there. Just be careful where you’re distributing these stickers though as the last thing you want when you’re trying to raise money to keep on gigging is facing a fine from the local authorities. This could happen is you decide that it’s a great idea to plaster your band stickers on every lamppost and phone box in the country.


Similar to stickers, posters and flyers are great ways of advertising your band and also your next gig. If you pass round flyers to your friends and family and give them enough to share with their friends and family, you’re giving yourself an excellent way of increasing the number of tickets that get sold when your next event is due. Likewise, by asking permission from local businesses, you could hang posters up around the local area and encourage people to check out your band, check out your website and also buy tickets to your next gig.

4. Printed CDs:

Ah, remember the CD? Although the industry has changed now and people prefer to download their music directly onto their music playing devices, CD’s still have a market for those who prefer a more physical copy of your music. Come to think about it, you could also think outside the box and get USB sticks printed up with your latest album on so your fans can easily transfer the songs onto their MP3 player.

Over the years, we have printed merchandise for some great bands, including the Darkness and Kasabian. So if you’re looking to get T Shirts that are of superstar quality then there’s only one real choice and that’s to follow our advice and get your printed merchandise created by us.

Contact our expert team today for a quick quote and advice on which product and printing technique is best for you. We specialise in garments, but we can print on just about anything. Stickers, pens, umbrellas, drinks bottles, mugs, morph suits and anything else that you can think about – we can print on it.

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