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Printed Business Cards


To some people, business cards may seem slightly obsolete and outdated. After all, everyone’s trading contact information using mobile phones now, right? This may well be the case, but there is still a strong case to be made for business card. It carries a lot of prestige and potential business partners are bound to be impressed when you whip one out. The best part about business cards is that you can get incredibly creative. Think egg shell and subtle off white colouring. Wacky and funky design incorporating your company’s colours and symbols. Especially, if you work in the creative industry, this is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your creative chops and should not be missed out on because of some arbitrary misconception that is passé.

Business cards aren’t dependent on shaky and volatile technology that is prone to running out of battery. If this happens at a network event, you may be obliged to hastily scrawl your contact information onto a napkin. This is hardly the peak of professionalism. Business cards rule out the drastic measure.

They also provide the first real impression of your company and its brand, thus offering the chance to make it a fantastic one.

Networking is all about representing your company in the best fashion possible and business cards provide the perfect means to do so.

Printed flyers:

Flyers are another promotional material that have enduring value in 2017. When you go online you are barraged with advertisements and sensory data from all angles. It becomes virtually impossible to absorb it all and is the reason so many digital advertising campaigns end up having limited success. If you use flyers to advertise your business’ event of discount, it cuts through the traffic and becomes impossible to ignore, especially if it’s handed out to passers-by on the street but equally if posted through someones letterbox. When a stranger enthusiastically shoves a piece of paper into your hand, generally take note.

The face-to-face nature of handing a flyer to someone also means that you can easily measure people’s reactions to your products and their opinions about your services.

Promotional materials like flyers are about making marketing as personal and direct as possible, as opposed to the aloof and disinterested character of online interactions. Large and clear fonts, engaging image and company imagery is the recipe to a strong flyer than will gain the most amount of impressions and draw in customers.

Printed catalogues:

Catalogues are one of the most exhaustive ways of displaying your company’s wares and services. There is a degree of tangibility that is not available when perusing through someone’s products online. A well-crafted catalogue shouts out professionalism and competence and should absolutely be present in your corporate repertoire.

A catalogue also affords you the change to give an overview of various features of your company from your origins, case studies, products and any additional information which you feel would intrigue and delight prospective customers. The online sphere is labyrinthine and any number of destinations can distract potential customers from your website. With a catalogue, a microcosm of your entire company is neatly packaged and available at a stretch on your prospective customer’s coffee table.

In general, it is a fantastic tool for gaining exposure and presenting your brand in the best, most complimentary light possible.


There has been a lot of commentary about the so-called decline of print media. While it’s true people are shifting toward receiving their news online, a newspaper or journal is still a time-tested way of disseminating news and stories in the most digestible way possible.

Within the newspaper you could include news and opinion pieces about your industry, offers pertaining to your products, insight into your workplace culture and any other developments that you deem fit to mention. This could help position yourself as an influencer in your industry and induce customers to feel more of an emotional tether to your company.

When distributed internally, the newsletter can also make your employees feel like part of a larger machine. They gain heightened perspective of everyone moving in synchronicity to achieve objectives and goals. If you get a newsletter going in the early days of your company, you could effectively chart the history of your company all the way through the peaks and valleys.

You don’t need a fully-fledged operation churning a newsletter out every other day, and in the majority of cases this would be incredibly pointless – people aren’t going to drop the sensationalist filter of the Sun for your humbled offering – but you could comfortably release one each month to good effect.

Chart the trajectory of your company with newsletters.

Printed posters:

There’s nothing more downbeat than vacant walls and storefronts. They shriek out for some kind of adornment or condiment, and leave your home feeling more like a juvenile delinquent centre than an actual home. With this in mind, we urge businesses to invest in artfully designed posters that will lure people into your store like a magnet.

Printed posters can used in a raft of ways. To advertise your newest production and sales in your storefront window, showing case studies or even being sold or gifted customers to remind them of a particular event. Cast your mind to the amount of people that buy musical festival event posters to provide a misty eyed reminder of the event.

Posters are highly cost-effective, so if ordered in bulk can be a substantially profitable investment. They’re highly visible and also immensely customisable.

Which design you have in mind, no matter how creative or edgy it is, we guarantee that it can be rendered in poster format.

Promotional materials are a fantastic option to ramp up your marketing efforts. Whether it’s posters, newsletters, catalogues, flyers or business cards, we have you covered and can provide you with printing results that will knock your socks off.

Call us today and we can personally advise you on the optimal promotional materials for your business.

In the next part, we will cover event merchandise so stick around.

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