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It is said that it only takes one tenth of a second to make a judgement and make a first impression on a person. The way in which a person speaks, their body language, the way in which they dress, their physical appearance, are among some of the main factors which influence our judgment of a person and establish a first impression. But let’s not forget that this is also the case for brands and companies. In this article we will be discussing the factors which should be taken into consideration in order to make a really good first impression and how we can help you do this through investing in printed promotional merchandise and personalised clothing.


Your first impression is the most important

You probably know these feelings all too well; butterflies on a first date with a girl you like, the uncontrollable sweating at an interview for a job you really want and even trembling at the knees when rising to the stand to make a public speech. These are instances of “fame” which can have an impact on or even define your immediate future, and although they may be a complete disaster, they are also the perfect opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

It’s exactly the same thing when establishing a brand. The perception that your brand conveys to people is established from different points of view, it is also based upon the services you provide, the products, pre-sale and post-sale strategies, corporate philosophy, communicative strategies and advertising, all of these among other factors impact upon establishing a brand identity. However, a great first impression is just the starting point to finding a way in which your company can demonstrate all of its capabilities.

This first step can be approached in many different ways, whether it be through a phone call, an advertisement on television or on the radio, a link that directs back to your website or to an event. Whatever the case, it is essential to be fully prepared so you can make a lasting impression on new and existing clients. An intelligent, healthy and welcoming brand is more likely to make a strong first impression, especially if there is an emotional connection present between the brand and the client.


Create great first impressions with promotional merchandise and personalised clothing

First things first you need to know your audience, know what they want and what they are looking for, what are their preferences and their tastes. A potential client needs certainty that you can meet their requirements and that you have all the tools necessary in order to do so. Remember, a first impression counts because it happens so quickly, and once that first impression has been established, it’s really difficult to change it.

Therefore, strategies have to be carried out that communicate as much as possible about your business in a concise and efficient way. For example, you can create strategies that involve promotional merchandise printed with stand-out designs and messages. It doesn’t necessarily have to be present in your logo, but it is important to include some kind of detail through which the client can direct themselves to your website or social media. You can also utilise emotional messages with eye-catching designs printed onto personalised sunglasses, printed tote bags and personalised mugs. These are more than just any old object, the most important thing in these cases is the quality of the design or message, in addition to the quality of the print.

Another great option is to use personalised clothing and printed accessories. Imagine a huge corporate event where you have all of your possible clients and competitors around you,  and as if by magic people wearing printed T Shirts with incredible designs and your logo on the back. You can even use a variety of garments and accessories that communicate an idea when worn together; an embroidered cap with a question about your industry accompanied by the answer to said question printed across the T-Shirt in a creative and artistic way.

Another thing to be aware of is that when you are part of a collective, you are likely to make an impression that is long lasting, whereas a singular person is likely to make an impression that facilitates a more personal line of communication, but this also runs the risk of establishing a less favourable impact. Groups of two or more people generally tend to have a more widespread impact and when one member of the group wants to alter the impression they’re conveying, it is then necessary for them to change the impression given out by all of the members of the group. However, the individual can change their point of view where they see fit. Therefore, it is at events such as these where it is ideal to make the right impression that clients simply won’t forget, but they’re not the only times you can make a lasting impression. The first time that a client arrives at your door or the first time that a collaborator receives a promotional gift – you have to take full advantage of all these opportunities as these work hand in hand with your advertising techniques.


Maintaining a good impression

Connect with your target audience. It isn’t all about making a first impression, but you have to maintain it too. Include new clients in your publications on your website or social networks. Not only are you reassuring yourself that the link between the brand and the client is being reinforced, but you are also reminding them that your brand exists and that it is there to help them whenever they need it.

It is also a good idea to open up a conversation on the basis of your brand, as in this way your clients will express what it is they’re looking for, want or what they’re passionate about. For example, social networking can be the ideal platform for this kind of conversation. Communication and unique language patterns can have an impact on the way in which people perceive your brand. So make sure to carefully structure your marketing campaigns and to take steps to reinforce any weak points that you may have with regards to communication and corporate identity so that there is a level of coherence throughout all aspects of your business.

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