Promotional merchandise for Mobile World Congress



Promotional Merchandise

Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that promotional merchandise is one of the most powerful weapons you can use when attracting new customers and fostering the loyalty of existing ones, and an indispensable tool in marketing strategies.

But not all products are the same, nor the business and their requirements. That is why we now present you with a list of 5 technology-related products that will provide you with more marketing effectiveness on a daily basis. We have carefully selected them as some of the perfect gifts with which you and your business can excel at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Continue reading below to discover them all!

Printed virtual reality goggles for smartphones:

These virtual reality goggles are all the rage at the minute. They are constructed out of resistant cardboard to off your potential customers a novel experience with their smartphones.

The feature of this product which particularly draws attention is that the product can be completely printed, giving it a striking and impactful appearance. Consequently, your business will be a trendsetter at an event and attendees will remember your name and logo.

Make use of this merchandise, and you will be offering your potential customers something exclusive and novel that they will be able to use at home again and again.

You customers will be left jaw-dropped.

From: just £3.10 per unit.

The great ally, the personalised tote bag or canvas bag:

The personalised tote bag is a product that should be present at every event, given that it is extremely useful for carrying all of the materials and miscellanea that you have picked up over the course of the fair. It is available in ecological materials, undyed as well as in polyester so that you can select the bags according to your design and the values of your business.

You can comfortably carrying the tote bags around in your hand or over the shoulder, which makes it perfect for carrying anything, while also being reusable.

It’s large printing surface makes it the perfect companion to display the name of your business and guarantees that you won’t go unnoticed.

From: Just £0.70p per unit.

The perfect, printed stylus:

At Mobile World Congress, it’s safe to assume that the majority of people visiting will have an interest in technology. For this reason, the stylus pen is without a doubt one of the essential products that you should have on your stand to gift, as you can take advantage of the wide surface area to place your companies logo. Furthermore, you will be able to select from a range of colours that are befitting your business.

You might be under the impression that the stylus is a low-key product, but you will be surprised by just how grateful your clients will be upon receiving a gift like this.

From: Just £.90p per unit (Stylus pen and printing).

Printed USB memory sticks – A classic that never lets you down:

It may well be a classic and it’s hardly surprising to see one of these in this day and age, but a USB stick is well received by anyone you gift it too. We are sure that you have a good memory to remember fairs, meetings, providers and other events, but it never hurt anyone to have extra help and a pen drive is too useful to be overlooked.

In our catalogue, we have available a wide range of different styles, colours and sizes so you can really surprise your customers.

Add your logo and important information to make sure that your business is unforgettable to everyone.

From: Just £2.60 per unit (pen drive and printing).

personalised t shirts:

Make certain that your stand isn’t missing this product. People love T Shirts and they have a massive potential for your brand. T Shirts are considered one of the most effective marketing tools out there.

By giving personalised t shirts to your customers and visitors, and if your design is good enough, you will ensure enduring publicity when they wear the T-Shirt in public.

We have hundreds of T Shirts available from different brands and in varying models and sizes, so you will have no problem when it comes to finding one that fits your corporate image. Briefly, we would also recommend that on the day of the event you and your staff wear the T Shirts as a personalised uniform, in this way everyone can associate the stand with your workers and vice versa.

From: Just £1.45 per unit (T-Shirt and printing).

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