Refresh your workwear this winter



With sub-zero temperatures ever more commonplace and New Year right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to give your company workwear the reboot it needs to enter 2020 in style. Kitting out employees in uniforms that look good, feel great and allow them to perform their duties efficiently and stylishly is a sure-fire springboard to business success, and winter is the perfect opportunity to refresh your corporate wardrobe.

Refresh your Workwear

At Garment Printing, we work with hand-picked suppliers to deliver workwear options that combine high-quality materials with cutting-edge design, offering you a range of uniform solutions that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. 

screen printing

We also employ a range of different printing styles, including: 

This means that we can recreate virtually any design on the article of clothing of your choosing with stunning end results, meaning you’ll end up with a satisfying finished product, every time.

Thinking of sprucing up your workwear wardrobe this winter? Here are a handful of ideas suitable for all industries, which can inject a little bit of panache into your workforce’s appearance, without compromising on practicality or performance.

Insulated jackets

Those who work outdoors will be particularly susceptible to the icy blasts and sub-zero temperatures of the Great British winter. Make sure they’re kept warm and protected from the elements with an insulated jacket bearing your company name and logo. Not only will your staff appreciate being issued with a practical item of clothing that’ll serve them well while as they go about their duties, but you’ll receive enhanced exposure among the general public when they wear it out and about.


Again, keeping warm is a priority for workers in any industry as the days become shorter and the nights longer. A fleece is an ideal workplace garment in that it can be worn as a base layer to increase insulation or as an outer one to provide warmth in an indoor setting, too. Fleeces are so practical that it’s likely your employees will want to wear it away from their place of work, earning you some free publicity and raising brand awareness in environments you wouldn’t normally access.

Hats, gloves and scarves

Don’t forget the accessories! Jackets and fleeces are great for keeping the torso of your workforce nice and toasty, but it’s likely to be their extremities which suffer the most. Gloves can protect fragile fingers from frostbite, scarves ward off coughs and throat infections brought about by a cold neck and hats safeguard the most important body part of all. Emblazoning each of these with your company logo is a great way to boost brand awareness and keep your staff safe at the same time.


As well as chilly temperatures, winter also has a tendency to bring with it an increase in precipitation. Whether that’s snow, sleet, hail or good old-fashioned rain, staying dry is of paramount concern to workers in any industry – even if it’s just on their daily commute to and from their place of business. Handing out branded umbrellas to each member of the team will show them you care and offer up the chance to parade your name around town in the process.

Shirts and blouses

Of course, any winter refresh of your workwear will likely concentrate on warmer clothing, but that doesn’t mean that the new year isn’t the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the rest of the uniform, too. A smart shirt or blouse is the ideal attire for workers in a wide variety of commercial settings, from office environments to hospitality hotspots and everything in between. High-quality clothing, with your company’s name printed or embroidered into the fabric, is the ideal way to create an unforgettable first impression.

Specialised apparel

While all of the above items of clothing are suitable for a wide array of different industries and job roles, there are some professions which require a specific uniform that can’t be replicated elsewhere. For example, construction workers and road traffic labourers need hi-vis clothing to make sure they’re seen; beauty and healthcare workers require specialised tunics and tabards; while kitchen staff must wear aprons, vests and other chef wear to perform their duties adequately.

At Garment Printing, we stock all of the above and more, available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit any individual. All of our workwear is fully customisable as well, meaning you can tailor your choices to match your brand and recreate any image, pattern or other design you desire. Why not check out our online catalogue today? Your revitalised winter workwear wardrobe is only a few clicks away.

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