School Merchandise Ideas for the Start of the Academic Year!



When the new school year rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about all of the school merchandise parents will be purchasing for their kids. The obvious things are (of course) school uniforms, but there’s so many more ideas you can introduce to your school store if you want to encourage more parents to buy branded school products. 

Let’s face it, parents love school merchandise. It makes things easier for them and makes the whole shopping process way easier and quicker. Instead of dragging their children around the shops, they can simply go into the school store and pick out whichever designated items the school has pre-chosen. 

It’s also great for the school too, and it’s a way to make a little extra money from parents to support the school and support the efforts and improvements you might want to make to the facilities and grounds. 

So, here are some ideas for school merchandise that we think you’ll love: 

Personalised school bags 

School bags are an essential for any school kid, and parents know more than anyone how expensive the branded ones can get. Keep it simple, by asking parents to use the selected school merchandised bag. It’ll be branded with the school name (making students easily identifiable on school trips, for example) and it means everyone has the same standard-issue bag too. We offer loads of personalised school bags, from more formal briefcase style bags, rucksacks and backpacks. There’s a style to suit everyone, and you can have the school logos and branded worked right into the design. 

Personalised gym kits 

Gym kits can be a sticking point with many parents, because they get dirty, they can  get lost, even mixed up and swapped with other students by accident. Having personalised gym kits that have the kids school logo on, and room for their name / class is a great idea for solving situations like this. 

Personalised swimming hats 

For schools who do regular swimming lessons, or those who have swim teams, merchandised swimming hats are a great idea for the students. Not only does it help keep their hair dry (so no need to have wet hair all day after training!) but they’re also a great idea for races and team sports as you can easily tell which swimming belong to the school team! 

Personalised pens and pencils 

An obvious one, but something it’s always worth investing in as a school. Merchandised pens and pencils are an easy way for parents to top up on much needed stationary, and it’s also a great way to get the school branding out there! Pens and pencils are also really affordable, so they’re a good low-cost merchandise option for most schools too. 

Personalised fleeces and jackets 

For the winter months, having merchandised and branded school fleeces and jackets can be really helpful. Coats can often be a big expense for many parents, so having an affordable option that is able to be purchased through the school can be really helpful and a relief. It also means that students stay looking smart and presentable even in the colder weather! 

Personalised caps 

For the summer months at school when kids are playing outside and spending more time outdoors (for sports and playtime), having merchandised summer caps with the school logo printed on them is a great idea. It stops kids getting heatstroke, and sunburn, and they actually look great too! For winter, you could also go for the personalised winter beanies or winter hats too! 

Personalised hoodies 

Personalised hoodies make a great school merchandise item as they’re something students want to wear and also want to keep wearing (even after they leave school). You’ll probably find that most schools do ‘leavers hoodies’ for students in their final year – but there’s no reason why you can’t sell hoodies all year round for all age groups and year groups. Hoodies are a great way to make children proud of their school, and they’re definitely one of the ‘coolest’ merchandise options. 

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If you’re looking to place an order for any of these school merchandise items, we’d love to help. Here at Garment Printing we sell all of the items listed above, and you’re able to personalise and customise the items to match your school branding and school logos. 

Our team of expert printers can be on hand to help you with the process and will gladly guide you through the process of designing and choose items too. 

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