Surprising ways that insulated jackets can help your business



With winter close at hand, the mighty insulated jacket really comes into its own in keeping the sub-zero temperatures at bay during the colder months. Since they’re such a necessity for almost half the year for pretty much anyone living in Great Britain, insulated jackets are a highly practical piece of clothing – which makes them ideal as a promotional tool to market your company and raise awareness over your brand.

Insulated Jackets in the Workplace

That’s especially true if you operate in a sector that’s associated with inclement weather, but it’s not necessary for you to be in the business of shovelling snow or braving the elements to take advantage of the awesome advertising power of insulated jackets. Here are six ideas on how these indispensable wintry garments are strong tools in your marketing arsenal which shouldn’t be omitted from any upcoming campaign:

Among your own workforce

Distributing insulated jackets among your employees is virtually a necessity if they are continually toiling outdoors in the dead of winter, since keeping them warm and comfortable should be a paramount concern. However, even those working inside an office will surely appreciate a cosy layer of clothing to get to and from their place of labour, so issuing every staff member with an insulated jacket emblazoned with your company credentials is an ideal way to bolster their opinion of their employer on the one hand and boost your profile among the general public every time they wear it on the other.

For high-value prospects

Have you been chasing a prospective client for some time now, but can’t seem to get the deal over the line? A promotional gift is always a good way to curry favour with someone with whom you’re looking to do business, and if the contract is lucrative enough to warrant it, a high-value present such an insulated jacket could serve as an ideal option. Just imagine – every time they wear it, they’ll be reminded of your company, of their dealings with you and of the potential opportunities that a future working relationship could produce. Such nuanced techniques of negotiation can be very persuasive for those stubborn but highly sought-after clients.

Freebies with big price tag purchases

Another scenario in which a branded insulated jacket could serve as a freebie is as a giveaway alongside another, higher-valued product. For example, you could offer potential customers the chance to own a warming winter jacket with your company name on it free of charge when they buy a complete set of golf clubs or book a holiday with you. Whatever niche you operate in, consider including a branded item as a promotional giveaway for certain products to create the impression of excellent value and impeccable customer care.

Included in bundles

Particularly relevant for those working in industries connected to the great outdoors, an insulated jacket printed with your company name and logo is the perfect main-ticket item in a bundle. For example, you could pair up the jacket with a matching set of gloves and a scarf to create a practical merchandising bundle that’ll meet all of your customers’ needs in a single purchase. Alternatively, they can be highly popular as mementos at holiday locations where snow and sub-zero temperatures are commonplace, such as at ski resorts or northerly retreats.

At sponsored events

A tried and tested method of giving your brand a boost among the local community is by sponsoring an event. This could be any sort of gathering guaranteed to attract large numbers of people, from a food festival to a sporting event to a charity fundraiser. By supplying those working at the occasion with a comfortable insulated jacket to keep them warm, you’ll instantly create a connection with the wearers, as well as displaying your altruistic credentials for all to see during the event itself. These can either be gifted to the volunteers in question or retained and recycled for similar purposes in the future.

As sports team paraphernalia

Sponsorship of one-off events can be a great way to gain a quick, one-off boost to your company’s profile, but subsidising a local sports team can achieve longer-lasting results that really establish you as a household name in your community. Obviously, outdoor sports are more suited to the insulated jacket market, but even athletes who compete indoors will also appreciate a warm garment getting to and from the venue. You could even pair up the jacket with t shirts, shorts and whatever else they might need to create a stronger overall impression of your business.

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