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At Garment Printing, we often get a range of different T shirt printing and personalised clothing requests – from the unusual to the unique and with a bit of strange thrown in their for good measure from time to time. We mainly work with companies and businesses and we help to recreate their logos and brands onto custom clothing, personalised t shirts and custom workwear to help with brand recognition and also provide excellent personalised merchandise which will help to get their brand known with potential customers.

We recently received a request from a Barcelona-based company called Gojime – a company which is known for creating fine jewellery such as earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings and bracelets, for printed T Shirts to be created which feature their logo on the front. But these T Shirts were different. They wanted their logo printed on the front of the T-Shirt but they wanted it to accurately represent what they do in order to keep up with their own beautiful creations.

Instead of using traditional prints and inks, they wanted to make sure that the design stood out from the T-Shirt and, as a result, stood out from the crowd and emphasised that they create high-end jewellery right from the moment that someone lays eyes on the T-Shirt.

In order to achieve this, we created the logo on the T-Shirt from Swarovski crystals and then printed these directly onto the T-Shirt. To achieve this, the logo had to be created completely from stunning, blue Swarovski crystals which were expertly joined together to create the Gojime logo and then applied to an adhesive to ensure that they wouldn’t come loose or ruin the design during the printing process.

Once the logos were created, we then used the transfer printing technique to print the design onto the T Shirts and ensure a flawless finish and also make sure that the design lasts. The unique joining method and adhesive created a solid finish and also helped to ensure that none of the crystals were damaged during the printing process.

As you can see from the images within this blog post, the logo was created perfectly and the transfer printing was a complete success with the logos being accurately printed onto all of the T Shirts while ensure that each individual T-Shirt and logo really did twinkle and stand out in the light. This, in turn, created a stunning effect which our client was immensely proud of.

So, if you’re looking to get printed T Shirts which are unique and really stand out and show off what you do, contact our printing experts today and discuss the printing techniques that we have on offer and get a free, no hassle quote. You can also contact us through the 0207 101 9315 and one of our Account Managers will be more than happy to help you with all your needs.

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