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British luxury printed fashion label, Ted Baker, is set to unveil their latest multi-channel campaign, “Mission Impeccable”,  and have also claimed a first within the fashion industry by teaming up with non-other than giant giants Google to create a unique interactive window collaboration.

The campaign was designed so that it is primarily digital and centres around an excellent spy-themed online movie which has been dubbed “Mission Impeccable”.

The video runs for approximately three minutes and it portrays the fashion label as being a spy-headquarters in the style of MI5. From there they send out agents who’s mission is to locate and track down a fashion villain who goes by the name of “The Needle”.

Along with the story, the film also shows off products which Ted Baker have released as part of their Autumn / Winter collection for 2016.

The film, which was launched yesterday, can be viewed on Ted Baker’s website and also retailers which includes Selfridges.com, Nordstrom.com and you can also check out the video on YouTube. It’s then also being followed up by a social media campaign which is set to run for a total of 11 days. The video, although created by the in-house team at Ted Baker, also credits British director, Guy Ritchie, as the executive producer.

The brand, whose clothing range also includes printed T Shirts, has also collaborated with various different tech partners, including Poke, with the the idea of extending the campaign far beyond that of just an online video. The campaign also includes shoppable videos, interactive store windows and an excellent, innovative social media campaign.

Interactive store windows:

As part of their campaign, Ted Baker has created interactive windows on their stores with the help of Zoo – Google’s in-house creative agency. The aim of the windows is to bring their Mission Impeccable campaign directly to the windows of their brick-and-mortar stores.

It’s also claimed that this is the first ever fashion application which utilises Google’s voice search functionality.

Consumers who go up to Ted Baker’s interactive store displays will see a code which they can then speak into their phones. Once done, the Google app will display a campaign page which shows off prizes and offers that the users can claim while they’re shopping inside the store.

‘Hacking’ social media campaign:

In their social media campaign, Ted Baker plays on the idea of providing their customers with information leads. The idea behind this is that their Instagram and Facebook accounts have been ‘hacked’ by the notorious, fictional villain – The Needle. This is designed to whet the customers appetite and build more interest in their film launch and, ultimately, their latest clothing collection.

The main focus of this campaign is their Instagram account. For this, they’re using the hacker theme by posing that their account has been hacked by Voile who will then post “clues” on the account for followers to solve. By solving the clues, you then stand a chance of winning items that are featured in the Autumn / Winter collection.

In one of their posts, they posted an image of Ted Baker agents (of course, wearing their latest clothing) with GPS co-ordinates of their location. In order to enter the competition, followers simple need to enter the co-ordinates into Google Maps and find out the correct street name.

Moving to film:

If you’re a fan of Ted Baker, you’ll probably know that they don’t advertise on TV and their original campaigns were mainly focused around still imagery. However, at the instructions of founder Ray Kelvin, they decided to move towards film. This means that it was their key priority and Brand Director, Craig Smith, had to make the best use of the brands investment when it came to creating their ‘Mission Impeccable’ movie.

In a recent interview, Craig Smith said:

“It’s a nice vehicle to tell stories. We are ramping up on moving image in our campaigns and it’s then about not being digital-first, but making digital of prime importance.

“We made a commitment to move film up the priority ladder.”

The film also uses Wirewax technology which allows the films to be shoppable everywhere, including on YouTube.

Smith also noted that the brand had given their retail partners specific instructions to maintain the consistency of the campaign and ensure that they always used assets and images that related to the main video of the campaign.

Nike Roope, the Executive Creative Director of Poke, also added that their new campaign brought Ted Baker’s focus onto a brand-led storytelling across their other channels.

“The brand has been built on the product and on the retail experience fundamentally.

“Most clients are in a habit or constructing things through advertising, but Ted is the opposite. It’s a brand that looks at everything through telling stories.”

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