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The digital revolution continues to influence spending habits as more and more shoppers take their custom online, but it also involves some problems. One of the barriers to online purchase is the inconvenience and the cost of returning an unwearable item. We have noticed that  consumers would be more likely to buy custom clothing if they know it was a perfect fit. With an estimated 30% of all online apparel sales returned, it’s clearly a significant issue.

By allowing shoppers to experience an item more personally, they are more likely to make a purchase. A 2015 report by Walker Sands showed that 35% of customers would buy online if they were able to try on items virtually.

Have you ever experienced the problem yourself? There are some tools which help you find your perfect fit. As there are many companies in the field, we’ve listed just give for now, but stay tuned to our blog for more information on how to find the perfect solution for T-Shirt and garment sizes.


Fits.Me have developed a virtual fitting room, which can be used as a tool on a retailer’s website. The tool asks shoppers to input their exact measurements, which are used to create an avatar that can try on different sizes. They have also designed a ‘Fit Adviser’ that can recommend the right size based on the user’s measurements and fit preferences because you know: not everyone likes their skinny jeans.


Fashion Metric uses algorithms to calculate a customer’s full set of body measurements in only a couple of seconds. The service can be used for custom made tailoring services, where it will result in an overall higher quality of the finished result. It can also be used to enable retailers to help their customers select the perfect size when shopping online.

The tool is quick and easy – customers simply fill in 12 questions about their height and weight, the algorithm then analyses this information to determine their accurate body measurements. Customers can then use this data for custom made clothing or to select the best ready-to-wear size.


Virtusize works directly with online retailers. The tool, which appears as a button on individual product pages, allows online shoppers to compare the dimensions of the item they’re interested in buying to a similar item they already own. The comparison is made by overlaying renderings of the two items on top of each other.

Customers can choose to select an item they already have from the store or they can measure an item from their closet and upload it, which, is, of course, a little more work. Clients who use this software include ASOS, Acne Studios, Esprit, and Monsoon.


This Danish company allows users to find and follow their ‘body doubles’ within its community to see what clothes work well on people with similar body types as them. The process contains a body quiz asking about height, weight, and shape. On top of that, users are asked about the brands they already own and know they fit them well.

All of this information is used to generate a personalised feed for product recommendations. Users are encouraged to post selfies in their favourite clothes, so their body doubles can use their purchases as a comparison.


Metail is a virtual fitting room service for fashion retailers that allows customers to create 3D models of themselves based on a few simple measurements. It enables customers to try on and combine clothes, see how they fit and share their looks online. In my opinion, this tool is the most personalised, as you can change things like wearing your hair up or down, which can be very important for some women.

Metail also allows users to build a virtual wardrobe, which means they can match prospective purchases with clothes that they already own. Since the beginning (which was in 2012) around 750,000 people have created ‘MeModels’.

My opinion:

In my opinion, Metail and Virtusize are the best two options. Metail is more personalised than the others because it’s also possible to change things such as how you wear your hair. It’s also possible to match prospective purchases with custom clothing you already own, which is always extremely helpful. These extra features can be incredibly valuable – especially for women shoppers.

Virtusize is also a great tool because I think everyone has their favourite piece of clothing which fits them exactly how they like. By comparing your favourite piece of clothing to a prospective purchase, you can never go wrong.

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