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Gavin Drake

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Personalised t shirts and personalised clothing are something that we happen to know quite a lot about here at Garment Printing. Along with a huge range of other printed garments and accessories, T Shirt printing is something that we do best.

Throughout history, printed T Shirts have frequently been involved in mysterious and bizarre events. With this in mind, it’s hard to blame us for wanting to explore the T-Shirt trend with a bit more depth.

In this article, I’m going to explore the top three stories of all time that have involved printed T Shirts. From the paranormal to the strange, to the hilarious and the most talked about. Without any further delays, let’s dive straight in!


This photograph was originally taken in 1940 and it, allegedly, shows a modern day hipster who has travelled back in time to the 1940’s only to be caught on camera. It’s been talked about by many conspiracy theorists and debunking scientists since back in the late 1990’s.

The photo has been authenticated and confirmed that there has been no ‘photoshoppery’ involved and the image is original and untampered with. The original can be found at the Barlorne Pioneer Museum in British Columbia, Canada. The event the picture was capturing was the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in British Columbia.

As you can see in the image, there is a man sporting a trendy-looking printed T-Shirt and modern looking sunglasses which does appear to be slightly ahead of the trend at that time – which can be seen by everyone else in the photo. It’s certainly something that has piqued the interest of various people but are we really looking at a time-travelling hipster? Or was he simply a trend-setter who dressed way ahead of his time?


The main argument behind the photo is the printed T-Shirt that the man is wearing, which some people argue isn’t in keeping with the clothing that was worn back in the 1940’s. The truth is that the large ‘M’ on the front of the logo is more than likely the logo of the Montreal Maroons, a NHL team that existed until 1938. Therefore, it’s much more likely that someone would be sporting that T-Shirt back in 1940 than they would in modern times. The knitted sweatshirt also doesn’t appear to by anything unusual and it would be fairly commonplace in that time.

The other strong argument is the camera that he is holding. It’s design does appear to be far too modern for the 1940’s, but after doing some in-depth research, we found that Kodak did released similar-sized cameras around that time. There is also another man in the photo who appears to be holding a similar sized camera.

The final strong argument that this is, indeed, a time-travelling hipster is the rather cool shades that are being worn. We have found various pictures of sunglasses from this era which further disproves the theory that he travelled back in time and didn’t change his wardrobe.


As much as I would like to believe that we eventually invent the ability to travel through time, it’s more likely that this picture isn’t displaying a time-travelling hipster from the future who went back in time to observe the opening of a bridge. The evidence on display simply isn’t strong enough when you look at all of the elements in this picture.

It’s more likely that this was just a guy who was hipster before it was cool to be a hipster. Well done that man!



In 1995, a 21-year old by the name of Michael Hager crashed his van during the early morning as he was driving home from visiting his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Hager died at the scene as a result of the injuries which he suffered. Also, an unnamed passenger who was travelling with him also died as a result of the crash. This person was believed to be an unknown hitchhiker.

After the crash, the police struggled to identify the remains of the hitchhiker. In the States, an unidentified person is also known as a ‘John Doe’ and so the deceased quickly became known as the ‘Grateful Doe’ because of the Grateful Dead T-Shirt that he was wearing when he died.

Despite an extensive investigation, the police have never been able to officially identify the Grateful Doe. In the man’s pockets at the scene of the accident, investigators found two tickets to a Grateful Dead concert, four quarters, a Bic lighter and a note which read:

“Jason, sorry we had to go, see ya around, call me…Caroline T. + Caroline O.”


Unfortunately, the case remains unsolved and the identity of the ‘Grateful Doe’ is still not known. A team of investigators are still working on this case and they believe that they are close to finding out the true identity of the unknown  hitchhiker.


Isac Walter has a lot of printed band T Shirts. Currently the number of band T Shirts that he owns stands at a staggering 3,000, though he openly admits that he has never taken the time to count all of the printed band T Shirts that he owns. One day, Walter decided to conduct an experiment and see if he could wear a different band T-Shirt from his collection for 500 days in a row.

He met the challenge with ease and this prompted him to see if he could continue going and reach 1,000 days. He has now reached this target and is still going!

When asked how many more days he had on this bizarre project, Walter said:

“I still have at least 2,000 more T Shirts I haven’t worn.”

I guess this means that we can expect this project to carry on for a little bit longer.

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