The Top 5 Kinds Of Band Merch



What exactly is band merch? It simply means band merchandise; basically, stuff you can buy that supports a specific band. For example, let’s say you’re a member of a new band ‘Rock Gang’ and your band desperately needs audience exposure… One of the best ways is by distributing and selling merch during your concerts and gigs, or via your website.

Band merchandise can be anything from t-shirt, posters, stickers, lighters, branded totes, caps, or anything else customised that fans can buy. Band merch is so much more than just a small project; it can serve as a walking advertisement for your band, and seriously increase exposure.  If done right, it’s also an extremely viable source of income for the band, which can be crucial in the early days of a music career.

Top 5 kinds of band merch

Every band is different – different genres, styles, techniques, attitude; but they’ve all got a common goal which is to reach a larger audience. When looking into getting merch created – here are some of the best options to reach those goals:

Custom T-shirts:

This is the king of merch items. It is that thing everyone wants to wear especially those who have supported your band since the beginning. There are different design options – like album artwork, your band logo, a band photo, song lyrics, quotes, etc. They all work and they all look great. There is no doubt, perfectly designed t shirts are best to raise revenue, excite your fans and promote your bands image all at the same time. For many famous bands, those early band merch t shirts are now extremely valuable items!


These a great way to show off your band style and they are actually really cost effective too. Try printing out extras as freebies to promote your band, or signing them to make them more valuable to your fans. You could also engage local visual artists to help raise their profiles too.

Stickers, buttons, badges & patches:

These are another reliable option as they are small branded items that are cost-effective. They are usually inexpensive to produce and they are affordable for impulse-buying – so fans may buy these more regularly.

Caps and hats:

Another style choice, band merch works great for hats and caps. Print your band logo onto the front of the cap, and you have an amazing opportunity of exposure.

Totes & bags:

Customised accessories are reliable items for all kinds of music genres. They are equally easy to design, and companies like Garment Printing can offer you bulk prices for items such as tote bags.

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