The Top 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK



Sustainable fashion is something that is growing in popularity, and it’s something that is becoming more and more popular. There are now clothing labels purely dedicated to sustainable fashion, aiming their items are the ethically / environmentally minded consumer, who wants to ensure their clothing isn’t causing additional damage to the world.

Being sustainable isn’t just about reusing old fabrics or recycling old materials though.

Sustainability is about sourcing fabric, chemicals, and accessories from the right sources, supporting the right kind of communities, and keeping an ethical umbrella over all practises and processes. Sustainability is also about ensuring your carbon footprint is always taken into consideration when creating a piece of clothing, and ensuring the impact on the environment is minimal.

If you’re looking into supporting more sustainable fashion brands, that’s great. Sustainable fashion brands tend to be less well known that the major high-street fashion brands, and it’s important we all support brands and companies that are making efforts the change the industry in a positive way.

There are many incredible sustainable fashion brands based right here, in the UK and we’ve created this list to highlight their amazing work and the beautiful fashion items they’re creating.

People Tree

People Tree are one of the leading UK sustainable fashion brands and they’re also leaders in ethical fashion. As a brand, they’re very conscious of the environment and the impact fashion has on the environment too. They sell a mix of statement pieces, alongside more basic pieces which would be perfect for everyday wear. These include; dresses, tops, sweaters, jumpsuits, knitwear, activewear, jackets, underwear and accessories.

Beaumont Organic

This brand is a sustainable fashion brand that create their fashion pieces from eco-friendly materials such as linen, organic cotton, bamboo, and wool. These materials are proven more sustainable and less damaging to the environment, so they are a brand you can support happily.  They offer a variety of clothing items, in their signature simplistic style, as well as accessories too.


Monsoon are one of the biggest high street brands actively pursuing a more sustainable and ethical way of business. Monsoon have a long history of working with smaller artists and creators to bring beautifully (and ethically) sourced crafts to mainstream fashion. Monsoon also has their own strict code of conduct based on Ethical Trading Initiative, and they were also one of the founding members of the ETI. Monsoon is a store you’ll find in most shopping malls too – making it highly accessible to most people across the UK. They’re also a brand that stay up to date with current trends, so great for those looking to buy fashion-conscious style.


This sustainable, boutique fashion brand has been dedicated to their eco-conscious practises and processes since their conception. Bibico uses organic cotton in many of their pieces and they also uses sustainably sourced wool for their knitwear too. On a more ‘official’ level, the brand works closely alongside a cooperative that is Fair Trade certified by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) when creating their other fashion pieces. Their style is simple, cosy and perfect for autumn and winter essentials.


This Cornish clothing brand work closely with local artisans and artists to create unique and beautiful clothing pieces that put sustainability and ethical practises above all else. The Cornwall-based brand also ensures ethical practices by working SEDEX certified factories, and by also using eco materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton, viscose, and cruelty-free wool. These small chances can make a big difference and Nomads are proud to talk about their achievements. The clothing is colourful but simple, with elegant classic designs taking centre stage.

If you’re feeling inspired by these 5 sustainable and ethical fashion brands, we hope you’ll take a look at the items they produce and share with us any amazing pieces you discover. It’s important that we support independent brands, but also it’s key that we all support brands who are trying to change the way the fashion industry operates.

Positive change (even on a small scale) can lead to big change in the long term, and that’s the key difference. It’s always amazing to see fashion brands changing their processes and suppliers to make things more environmentally friendly and more sustainable – so we needs to celebrate those who do it.

If you know any other sustainable fashion brands that should be on this list, we’d love to hear from you!

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