Transfer Printing: Perfect for quick projects, brand image and photographic finishes:

Gavin Drake

Gavin Drake

Textile Transfer Printing

Transfer printing will allow you to get hold of your personalised clothing in record time, all while gaining optimal results at a very attractive price. Most importantly, you can leave the heavy lifting to us and devote yourself to more important tasks.

Achieve high definition colours for the greatest visual impact. Use transfer printing to give the most amount of visibility to your promotions by making the most of the large surface area that this technique offers. When you need to take immediate marketing action, turning to personalised garments with a clear message is one of the most powerful tools in this day and age, and the transfer printing technique is your best friend in this endeavour.

If you have decided to take the bull by the horns and see it as the right time to introduce some new marketing strategies, personalised T-Shirts with transfer printing are an ultimate resource given the high visibility that they afford your business. Using a good slogan and a striking design will lead to your investment resulting in more sales and customers.

Use the front of the T-Shirts, hoodies or any garment that you wish. Make use of the large surface area to place a ‘Call-to-Action’ and draw in those that are inclined to carry out a beneficial action for your business. For example, ‘Call us on 0207 101 9315’. Use striking colours and an impactful design. Large letters and simple shades are the best criteria to follow to make the most of transfer printing.

Small quantity orders:

This is one of the top features of textile transfer printing since it means your order doesn’t need a minimum amount. This is ideal for events like stag dos or hen parties, where it might just be you and five close friends. Additionally, there are no setting-up costs like with screen printing, which makes it a much more attractive option for those who have a limited budget and don’t need a particularly large order.

For orders of limited units, it may help to know that ideally every garment would have the same design. This way, the cost remains low and this marketing strategy remains within the financial reach of every brand.

Quick printing: Time is money:

Maybe you’ve flirted with the idea of printing T-Shirts, but you’re a busy person and just haven’t been able to find the time. Fortunately, with us, you’re in luck. We offer a unique Rapid Printing Service which will print and deliver your garments at breakneck speed. As such, for orders where deadlines are tight, transfer printing has the advantage of being extremely quick.

Take advantage of the features of this service for football kits, business T-Shirts and any other textile garment. Transfer printing allows you to create large surface areas of plain colours, which facilitates the reproduction of letters, numbers and shapes in a perfect manner.

For NGO’s:

Non-profit organisations belong to one of the sectors that could benefit greatly from customer acquisition strategies like personalised T-Shirts. If you are a member of an NGO it will interest you to know that textile transfer is perfect for making personalised T-Shirts or uniforms for your volunteers.

Transfer printing is used as a powerful tool in textile personalisation, mainly due to the compelling and eye-catching results. You can add important information about your NGO onto the shirt; even on the sleeves. In this way, your T-Shirt will draw eyeballs from all angles and people can easily work out how to contribute to or collaborate with your organisation. Contact number, web page and email address along with your logo should all be present to provide as much information as possible with a single glance. Even if you’re thinking about selling merchandising, transfer printing is the best option to save on costs and time.

Don’t forget T-Shirt for stag dos and hen parties:

Personalising clothes is the best option to give originality to your garments. You have the freedom of choosing how and in what way you want it…it is not as difficult as many believe.

Nowadays, a bachelor party isn’t a true bachelor party without T-Shirts. Making a set of T-Shirts is a tried and tested method of keeping a group of people together. They are also useful to make sure that nobody gets lot, and if they do, they can easily spot the group. It also acts as a memento of that special day when the groom said farewell to his bachelor lifestyle. To add extra flair, make the most of this technique to add names for each one of the attendees at the event.

Variety is the spice of life: Special finishes for 100% perfect personalisation:

Not everyone in the world likes the same food or the same colour, that is why it’s so important that you get to grips with the various special finishes that are available with textile printing, like flock, which is an imitation of velvet.

On many occasions, the special finishes of textile transfer are combined with other techniques to obtain an even more striking result. Metallic finishes, reflective finishes or even those that glow in the dark. These are just some of the ideas so that you can make the most of textile personalisation in your next marketing campaign. Maybe you are a night club in which glow in the dark transfer printing would fit like a glove?

If you don’t know which technique to settle on, combine different techniques and let your garments speak for themselves. Remember that files ideally need to be in vector format.

Have you already decided on how you’re going to apply textile transfer printing to your project?

Let us know and we would be glad to lend you a hand.

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