Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and her



1. Personalised Photobook 

For a couple with a lot of memories together, a personalised photobook is always a great idea. Not all photos are to be posted on Instagram, however, all of them are of emotional value. We’re sure your partner will be thrilled to receive such a personalised gift for valentine’s day and happy to spend an hour or two remembering the sweet moments together. And what a great rollercoaster of emotions will be going through the old photos to choose the best ones for the photobook.

This is a perfect gift for him or her that will remind you of the best moments and maybe inspire you for new adventures, which can make a great new material for the next year’s photobook.

2. Personalised Photo Card and Flowers

The classics will never let you down. A valentine’s day personalised card can give you the chance to disclose your emotions in the sweetest way. Whether it’s a simple “I love you” or a whole love poem, it can surely awaken the deepest feelings. Print one of your favourite photos together on the front side and set free your inner poet talents on the back side.

You can accompany this present with your partner’s favourite flowers. We find the seasonal flowers the most beautiful, in February they come in a number of colours, including pinks, reds and white. You can go with the classic red roses or beautiful February flowers, such as Lillies,  Delphinium flowers, Rose Geranium and much more.

3. Breakfast in Bed

And what can be better than breakfast in bed! The effort you will put into waking up early and cooking with the greatest care not to wake up your partner will surely be appreciated even if your cooking skills are not the best.

If you would like to add an extra touch, a photo printed mug or even a coaster can help you with that. You can choose to print either your favourite photo to enjoy it every morning or some sweet words such as: “there’s no one else I’d rather watch Netflix and drink tea with”Our mugs and coasters can be designed and bought online in just 3 simple steps! Our express delivery takes from 3 to 5 days, however, we might be able to deliver to you the next day if we have the product in stock, don’t hesitate to ask us.

4. Personalised Cushion

You can turn a simple pillow into a great gift for Valentine’s day. A good choice of design on the cushion cover can make your other half always fall asleep thinking of you, or make your Netflix and chill nights even more enjoyable. There are no limits to what can be printed on the cover, you can choose a photo, a quote or maybe the lyrics of your favourite song.

With us, you have the choice of two sizes: a small cushion cover (18″ – 45cm x 45cm) and a slightly bigger one (24″ – 60cm x 60cm) which can be a great fit for the bedroom. Our colours range from baby blue to dark grey so they can perfectly suit any design that you have in mind.Design and Buy Cushion Cover Online

5. Personalised Couple T-shirts

And of course, we left the best at last! What can be cuter than matching couple t shirts and what can be a better day to wear it than Valentine’s day? Surprise your other half with a design that he or she will love! Whether it’s two halves of a heart or two perfectly matching pizza slices, we can print it for you.

We have a vast choice of T-shirts of different sizes and colours that you can design and buy online. If you would like something special, we have a choice of bamboo t shirts for men and women which is a natural textile produced from Bamboo Grass Pulp. It is not only eco-friendly but also super soft on the skin. You can find the selection of our favourite design below, see more on Pinterest.

Source: tshirtloot

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