Warning – you’re losing money by not using promotional travel mugs



As far as promotional products go, mugs are just about the most reliable item there is. A stalwart of the scene since its inception several decades ago, mugs have been proven to be more effective as marketing tools than both television and radio. Whereas less than a third (32%) of consumers said they were able to remember the message carried by a media advert, almost twice that figure (57%) could recall one delivered on a mug.

printed travel mugsIs your Business using Travel Mugs?

Clearly, the humble mug is a mighty marketing tool – especially in a country like Great Britain, where tea and coffee are consumed more than any other beverage. But while traditional mugs can still make effective promotional tools in a home or office environment, there’s a growing number of people who now want their caffeine fix on the go. What’s more, increased awareness over the environmental impact of single-use coffee cups means that reusable vessels are enjoying a boom in popularity like never before.

It’s for these reasons that businesses operating in all industries can simply not afford to neglect travel mugs when compiling their next promotional marketing campaign. As a product that’s at the height of both practicality and desirability, there are a myriad of ways in which branded travel mugs can help boost your company’s profile. Here’s just a few of them:

Giving the gift of practicality

According to recent research, 89% of recipients will hold on to a corporate freebie if they deem it to be of practical worth. That makes usefulness the single biggest factor in determining whether your giveaway gift will receive regular usage or end up at the bottom of the rubbish bin. Since a large percentage of the British population relies on caffeine to get them through their day, and an equally sizable proportion of us want that fix on the go, travel mugs are an incredibly useful item, which make them an invaluable marketing tool that will be seen by all kinds of potential clients in environments that you would never normally be able to access.

Tapping into the millennial market

Millennials are the emerging market of today and the biggest spenders of tomorrow. Getting them onside will be crucial to taking your business to the next level and setting it up as a competitive concern for many years to come. Since sustainability is an issue that is close to the heart of the millennial community, a branded reusable travel mug is an ideal way to connect with them on their own terms. Since many outlets also offer discounts for consumers who bring in their own receptacle, you’ll be endowing them with the opportunity to save money and the environment in one fell swoop, increasing the likelihood that they’ll use your product and engage your services in the future.

Establishing a responsible ethos for your brand

As well as allowing your target market to reduce their carbon footprint, you’ll also enhance your own environmental credentials in the process. With corporate responsibility a determining factor in the minds of many consumers nowadays, businesses which position themselves as having their finger on the pulse of hot topics of the day (such as eco-friendliness) will automatically have an advantage over their competitors. Using sustainable items such as travel mugs in your promotional giveaways can be a key tool in establishing that reputation of responsibility for your brand.

steel travel mugsSolid return on investment

Depending upon which model you opt for and the quantity of units you purchase, travel mugs can be obtained relatively cheaply compared to some other promotional items. Indeed, bulk buy discounts mean that sizable orders can be snapped up for a song, meaning you’ll get a strong return on a modest investment. What’s more, all of the travel mugs used by Garment Printing are created from top-quality materials that not only look great, but hold up well over time. As a result, a branded travel mug from us is a promotional gift that’s guaranteed to keep on giving for years to come. Investing your funds in other, more transient forms of advertising is akin to throwing your money away altogether.

Year-round accessory

Travel mugs are synonymous with hot drinks, but that doesn’t mean they have to be used exclusively for them or only in colder climes. As well as keeping your cup of Joe steaming and scalding, they can also be used to keep the ice in a Frappuccino solid or the chill in your soft drink as fresh as it was upon leaving the refrigerator. Whereas some promotional items (such as ice scrapers, umbrellas, baseball caps or flip-flops) are entirely dependent upon the whims of Mother Nature for their practicality, a sturdy travel mug can be used in all seasons and climates, making it the perfect year-round promotional accessory.

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