What are some Unique Corporate Gift Bag Ideas?



promotional gift bag

Corporate gift bags are the perfect way to raise your company’s profile, forge a connection with an as yet untapped market and turn prospects into leads in one fell swoop. After all, who doesn’t love receiving free stuff? When it comes bundled up in a bag of goodies, the element of mystery adds anticipation and surprise to the recipe, delivering a highly positive first impression of your firm to newcomers.

Corporate Gift Bags

Of course, a corporate gift bag is only as effective as the sum of its parts, so you should choose the items with which you plan to fill it with care. Aim for, above all, things that will add practical value to the recipient’s life, as well as tailoring them to the target market in question. Bear in mind that many attendees will have travelled significant distances to make the event and as such, won’t want to lug home large or cumbersome giveaways, while anything aimed at children is likely to be given a good home – especially bearing in mind the fact that Christmas is on the horizon.

With that in mind, here are a handful of personalised bag ideas for your next trade fair, business conference or other corporate event. Choose the one that suits your circumstances, target market and budget the best – but above all, choose the one likely to avoid ending up at the bottom of a rubbish bin, since disposable freebies provide no return on their investment at all.

The bag itself

First things first – get the bag right. Branded tote bags are the industry standard and can certainly perform a job, but if your budget will allow it, backpacks, laptop bags and sports bags may offer greater value to the recipient and thus incur a higher chance of being used beyond the trade show or corporate event in question.

The tech gift bag

Given the growing global obsession with all things digital, it’s logical to tap into that affinity for tech with gadgets and gizmos that your target market will likely use. Think USB sticks, phone cases and power banks, since these items are all highly practical and give the gifts of memory, security and power, respectively, all of which are in high demand in the busy modern world.

The apparel gift bag

Branded clothing has been a mainstay of the promotional merchandise scene for decades – and for good reason. Items like caps, t shirts and sunglasses are relatively affordable and can offer great return on investment, while more seasonal and situation-specific items like flip-flops and umbrellas can satisfy a need. Just remember that aesthetic is all-important – keep logos small and designs snappy, since it’ll need to be attractive to be worn in public.

The edibles gift bag

Conferences can be tiring affairs, so giving people the gift of sustenance can be a great way to win their attention and set yourself apart from the crowd. Chocolates, biscuits or other sweet treats with your company name and logo emblazoned on the side can help to subconsciously associate your brand with the sugar hit, while handy receptacles like water bottles and travel mugs are perfect for an eco-conscious target market.

The office gift bag

Anyone working in an office environment will be well aware of the never-ending need for certain stationery items, such as notebooks and pens. Less obvious but equally indispensable office gift bag ideas could include branded stress balls, lanyards and mouse mats. Of course, this kind of bag will only be relevant to specific audiences, but can be just the ticket for those working in a corporate setting.

The children’s gift bag

One nimble technique of marketing is to target not the recipient themselves, but their children, since many event attendees do not have time to buy their children presents while on business trips but still face the inevitable “What did you bring me?” questions on their return. Personalised clothing options such as hoodiest shirts and pyjamas can all be a great way to access new customers via their offspring – and possibly indoctrinate the next generation of consumers in the process.

The virtual gift bag

Low on funds? One way to circumvent the problem of limited resources is by offering prospective customers the chance to save money when they spend. In this scenario, your giveaway doesn’t need to be physical at all; simply distribute printed cards bearing instructions on how to redeem 2-for-1 offers, free subscriptions, e-books or gift cards and encourage traffic to your site, without the expense.

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