What are the Best Tech Promotional Products?



In the fast-paced modern world of technology, there’s hardly a moment that goes by when we aren’t interacting with some gadget or gizmo. Whether it’s staring at a computer screen during working hours, listening to music on the commute or relaxing with an iPad or TV show in our free time, technology has infiltrated almost every part of our waking life.

It’s no surprise, then, that tech has an equally firm grasp on the marketing world. Online ads and social media campaigns are great at reaching a new audience, but for establishing a solid connection with your intended target market, nothing quite matches up to promotional products. By incorporating tech freebies into your marketing plan, you can gain the benefits of traditional marketing methods while still remaining relevant to modern trends.

Tech Promotional Products

After all, the practicality of a promotional item is the number one factor which determines whether a recipient will keep it and remember the company which bestowed it on them – and what could be more useful than a tech gadget that enriches their daily life? Here’s a rundown of the best tech promotional products to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Power banks

According to research, we now spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on our phones every single day – and for some people, that figure is far, far higher. What does all that screen time result in? Depleted batteries, of course! Distributing branded power banks among prospective clients and valued customers will give them a gift they can really use, while advertising your company credentials every time they charge.

USB sticks

Whether it’s due to an extensive back catalogue of music, a multitude of snapshots and memes or an avalanche of apps, there never seems to be quite enough memory to go around for our smart devices. A USB stick can provide a source of portable memory that fits snugly in the recipient’s bag, promoting your company every time it’s taken out and made use of. Give the gift of memory to ensure you’re well remembered.

Phone stands

Given that one-third of online activity is spent watching videos, and that over half of all video content is viewed via a mobile phone, it only makes sense that people would prefer to be hands-free while doing so. A phone stand emblazoned with your company name and logo can serve the dual purpose of allowing its recipient to catch up on their favourite media without any hassle, as well as serving to boost your business profile to those in the vicinity.

Selfie sticks

“Selfie” might have been the Word of the Year back in 2013 (as designated by the Oxford English Dictionary), but the practice of taking photos of ourselves is just as popular six years on. Equip your target market with the means to do so and they’ll be sure to use the gift in tourist hotspots all over the globe – thus taking your brand to places it would never normally reach on its own.

Phone cases

A decade ago, just 17% of Britons owned a smartphone. Today, that figure has skyrocketed to 78% across all age groups and a whopping 95% among 16- to 24-year-olds. As such, a phone case is one giveaway that will surely prove useful to its recipient and can work wonders in promoting your brand, as it will be seen by everyone while the recipient is on their phone. Bear in mind that phones come in different sizes, so stock a few options to ensure you have the best fit for your target market.


Earphones are another accessory that are hugely popular nowadays, since a majority of phone users like to listen to music or watch videos while on the move. For added exposure, include a branded case alongside your personalised earphones to serve the double purpose of protecting the earphones while not in use – thus earning them a longer lifespan – and adding a second piece of corporate kit to the giveaway.

Laptop covers

Laptops have long since supplanted desktop models as the computer of choice, thanks largely to their portability and convenience. Give your target market the means to protect their trusted tech with a customised laptop cover bearing your company’s credentials. As an item that everyone could benefit from but few actively seek out, a corporate laptop cover could be just the ticket to add practical value to the recipient’s life and elevating your brand in their eyes as a result.

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