What’s missing from your team building events? Personalised jumpers, of course!



Team building events. Let’s face it, they get a bad rap. When supervisors first try to incorporate them into the annual office calendar, you can almost guarantee it will be met with groans and snide comments around the coffee machine. However, for a company whose staff are familiar with these events, the picture couldn’t be more different. Long gone are the days when team building events incorporated the cringe worthy “tell me three things about yourself”. Luckily, these events have upped their game, with companies utilising a variety of activities ranging from escape rooms to assault courses. Basically, the embarrassment inducing activities have been replaced with events that are, well, fun. They’ve become the perfect opportunity for businesses to build trust, improve communication and create more engaged employees. Essentially, in today’s world of work, team building events now have the ability to be the most important investment a business can make.


There’s one problem with this. Like with every trend, the increasing popularity means it’s becoming increasingly hard to make your business stand out and be a step above the rest. You may be offering a team building event that has all the traits of a top day out, but you can almost guarantee another business has done the exact same thing a month before. So, just how do you accomplish the goal of creating the best team building event that generates the best results for your team? It’s a lot more simple than you think.

Forget putting effort into planning the craziest day out and forget searching Google for unique quirky activities. The answer doesn’t lie in the place your team goes to. Rather, it lies within what your team wears.

Introducing the power of custom printed hoodies. A simple, cheap option that is an absolute must for any team building event. Read on to find out the top 3 reasons why a simple printed jumper can give your event a long lasting positive impact on your business.Get In Touch!

1. Create a sense of belonging and increase team unity

Remember being back at school, complaining about the fact you had to wear a uniform? Whilst you were likely to hear moans about the awful school badge inside the classroom, they weren’t as common outside of the school gates. Wearing a school uniform may have been an annoyance, but when it came to meeting kids from different schools, it became a badge of honour. Something that gave you and your friends a type of unity, distinguishing you from the enemies at the nearest secondary school. Although, as we’ve grown older this isn’t exactly how things work, the same logic can be applied to your workforce. Replace the school blazers with personalised-hoodies

2. Encourage enthusiasm: get your team excited about the team building event.

As we mentioned earlier, team building events don’t automatically generate a lot of excitement from a workforce. Unfortunately, the lame connotations are still very much present in many people’s minds. The best way to overcome this and avoid staff calling in sick on the day of the event is, of course, to get the team excited from the get go. Don’t worry, we’re not going to suggest creating an over enthusiastic promo video with dramatic music. No, it’s much simpler than that. By informing your team that you will be wearing printed hoodies with customised elements, the fun can start long before the actual event. Jumper printing is a great way to allow your team to get creative, have fun and increase team spirit in the process. There are numerous ways your business can do this. For example, why not create various potential printed jumper designs and have your team vote on their favourite? Another idea is the inclusion of nicknames. Whether you ask your team to create their own nickname for their custom printed hoodies or have co-workers decide for them, this is a great way to create a fun atmosphere and get the excitement started.


3. Long lasting impact: Make your employees remember the event and increase brand awareness for a low cost.

The problem of a team building event? It only lasts a day. However, with a personalised jumper your company can reap the benefits for a lot longer. Firstly, let’s talk about the staff. By giving your team custom printed hoodies to keep, they are sure to remember the fun day out they had. It becomes a permanent fixture of their wardrobe, a go to for a trip to the shop or an autumn walk. Not only does this benefit staff morale but it also provides you with free advertising. Imagine, having the ability to get your logo and your company name out and about in the town or city in which it is based, all without paying for advertising. It’s the dream right? By providing your staff with a free embroidered jumper this is exactly what you get. Not only that, but think of what it can do for your social media pages. It’s all very well taking pictures of your staff at a team building event, showing the public how good an employer you are. 

However, it’s not the same as showing the public a united team, all wearing the same embroidered jumper. By showing photos of this, you’re sure to show a sense of unity and pride, a definite favourite in the public eye. The best thing about all of this? The price. With cheap personalised hoodies available, there’s no need to splash the cash to get these results. A small cost for big results.

To find out more about personalised jumpers and customised hoodies, fill out the following contact form and one of our printing experts will be in touch within 15 minutes within working hours!

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