Which Workwear is Right for my Business?



Choosing company workwear is no trivial matter. As the first thing that a prospective customer, client or business partner will notice when they come into contact with your staff, branded uniforms create lasting impressions about your company, its professionalism and its values.

With that in mind, making sure you achieve the right aesthetic through your workwear is all important. You’ll need to ensure you choose garments that combine the right mix of performance and panache, marking your business out as a professional enterprise that people can rely on to get the job done. Of course, exactly what this might look like may vary greatly depending on the industry in which you operate, so tailoring your workwear design to your business niche is a crucial step in selecting the right uniform for your employees.

Choosing Company Workwear

If you’re considering revamping the current workwear with which staff members are equipped upon joining your team – or introducing a new company uniform altogether – here are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Smart or casual?

Depending on which industry you work, and in which particular niche you position your business within that sector, you might choose a formal or informal uniform for your workforce. For example, two companies which both work in hospitality might take very approaches to their workwear. A fine dining establishment, on the one hand, might choose up-market shirts and blouses for its employees, while a bar might find that t shirts and polos are more appropriate to their setting. Decide how formal you want your staff to appear to the outside world and make your choice of uniform accordingly.

Printed or embroidered?

Following on from that previous point, the method of customisation of your company clothing will also have an impact upon how it’s seen by others – as well as how long it endures in the workplace. Embroidered names and logos, for example, can achieve a high-end result, marking your business out as one characterised by elegance and sophistication, and can also last much longer than some printing techniques. On the other hand, there are a wide variety of printing options available (from CAD cut vinyl to dye sublimation and many more), meaning there’s bound to be an option that fits your unique circumstances. Research all your options before making a decision.

Brand consistency

As well as creating a strong first impression of your company, it’s also key that you ensure your workwear aligns with your brand image in all of your marketing channels. Indeed, corporate uniforms can and should be viewed as an extension of your advertising campaign, since they will serve to raise the profile of your business to anyone who sets eyes upon them inside or outside your working environment. Therefore, choose a uniform which employs the same colours, logo, slogan and typeface as the rest of your brand to reinforce consistency and enhance the perception that your company is trustworthy and well-established one which is here to stay.


Depending on the sector in which you work and the duties with which your employees are entrusted, it may well be a legal requirement for them to wear certain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For example, those working in dangerous or low-light conditions (such as traffic labourers who have unsociable hours, security personnel on night shifts or anyone working in the emergency services) must wear hi-vis attire to guarantee their safety. The same goes for those on a construction site, in an industrial facility or any other workplace where extreme or hazardous conditions are in place. Familiarise yourself with your obligations and incorporate these into your workwear design to ensure you fulfil them.

Employee comfort

Last but certainly not least, the comfort of your employees is an important but often overlooked consideration when it comes to designing branded workwear for your business. An employee who feels contented and relaxed is likely to enjoy higher levels of productivity and will be more inclined to show loyalty towards their employers, so it’s imperative that you consult your staff before placing any orders for new workwear. Schedule a meeting where all members of the team can air their views and have their opinions heard, before making a decision that everyone is happy with. Of course, that final verdict rests with you, but it’s a good idea to create a working environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

Get in touch with the professionals

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