Why Keyrings are better than Christmas Morning



The humble keyring. It’s quite likely that most of us don’t give a second thought to this hugely popular promotional product and ubiquitous souvenir, deeming it as an insignificant item not worthy of our attention. At the same time, it’s also probable that those same people will not leave the house without one in their pocket, purse or bag – today, tomorrow or any day of their adult lives.

That’s because keyrings play such a small but indispensable role in our daily routine. While you might not get too excited about a new keyring, that’s only because you already have one; if you lost or misplaced it, you’d be all at sea before you knew it. As a highly practical item that’s cheap to manufacture, easy to distribute and guaranteed to receive sustained usage, it’s no surprise that keyrings are consistently ranked among the most popular promotional items out there.

promotional keyringsThe Appeal of Keyrings

With that in mind, it’s highly advisable that you incorporate these small but mighty marketing tools into your next promotional giveaway push. The advantages laid out below will guarantee that bringing keyrings into the promotional fold will leave you happier than a kid on Christmas morning – and do wonders for your business balance sheets, too.

1)  Universal appeal

There are some promotional items which only really serve a certain kind of target audience. Branded keyrings, on the other hand, are geared towards every single adult on the planet. It doesn’t matter which industry they operate in or even if they’re employed at all, what age they are or what background they come from, everyone uses keys on a daily basis. Almost everyone has several different ones that serve various purposes and would benefit from a gizmo designed to keep them all together. As a result, keyrings are used by everybody, making their appeal truly universal.

2)  Daily usage

Not only are keyrings owned by every member of society, but they’re also used on a daily basis. This means that every time the recipient of your promotional gift enters or exits their home, drives their car or accesses their storage locker, they’re going to pull the keyring out of their pocket – and be instantly reminded of your business. While it might not seem like this has much of an influential effect, the cumulative impact of seeing your company name and logo day after day should not be underestimated, since it will create a subconscious bond between you and the person in question.

3)  Added value

Of course, the fact that keyrings are so instrumental to our daily lives means that anyone you gift them to is almost certainly going to already have one. How can you displace the incumbent keyring with your branded giveaway? By adding extra value. Combine the keyring with another corporate freebie that serves a practical purpose and brings tangible worth to your product and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands. Some suggestions could include personalised USB sticks, torches, ice scrapers or anything that is likely to benefit the owner but remains small and portable.

4)  Superb ROI

Keyrings are incredibly cost-effective promotional items. Cheap to manufacture and highly affordable to purchase (particularly when placing a bulk order), they’re far more inexpensive than some other corporate merchandise, despite the fact that they remain eminently useful. This means that they can deliver an incredible return on your investment, especially when compared against traditional forms of advertising such as print or media. Intelligent advertising campaigns are the ones which direct their funding towards channels which pay handsome returns – keyrings certainly do so.

corporate keyring5)  Unbeatable shelf life

As mentioned above, no one really replaces a keyring until a better one comes along. Therefore, as long as you provide the recipients of your promotional materials with an attractive product that adds real practical value to their lives, your keyring will continue to serve its purpose for many, many moons to come. Measured against other promotional items (which can fade, break or become less desirable in a matter of months) or against TV, internet and radio adds (which are over and forgotten in a matter of seconds), keyrings offer incredible longevity.

Discover the marketing magic of keyrings today!

Endlessly customisable, you can choose from a wide variety of existing shapes, sizes and designs for your promotional keyring. Of course, that’s only half of the extent to which you can individualise your company keyrings – you can also personalise them further by emblazoning them with your company name and logo. Check out our online range and get the ball rolling on your next promotional giveaway campaign today!

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