Why promotional products are handy for your ecommerce business



Online shopping is becoming all the rage. Government statistics from April 2018 show that 17% of all retail transactions in the UK were made online in that month, while the total number of sales made via the internet have quintupled since 2008. While 17% might not sound like a staggeringly high percentage, one only needs to look at the raft of high-street store closures around the country to know which way the wind is blowing.

While this spells fantastic news for ecommerce sites in one sense, it also invites significantly more competition. With every company aware of the enormous potential of online sales, from fledgling start-ups to established multinational behemoths, it can be hard for any one ecommerce business to make themselves heard among the din. Of course, modern marketing methods were designed to solve this very problem, and online ad space can go some way to raising a company’s profile, but with the internet often reminiscent of one long bombardment of propaganda, it’s easy to be drowned out and forgotten all too quickly.

Promotional products to the rescue

promotional merchandise bundle

That’s where promotional products come in. As a tangible item which the recipient can hold in their hand, they offer a unique way of reaching out and forging connections that just aren’t possible in cyberspace. There’s a reason why corporate freebies have been a tried and tested marketing technique for decades and that reason becomes all the more relevant when dealing with ecommerce enterprises. Here are just some of the ways in which they can help to boost your brand, drive traffic to your site and increase those all-important profit margins.

  • A physical reminder

In a digital world, the physical advert is king. One of the few remaining advantages that brick-and-mortar stores have over their online counterparts is the ability to touch and feel products in the flesh. While that’s not possible with an e-catalogue, you can reintroduce a touch of the tangible into your marketing campaign through promotional items.

  • Long shelf life

Pay-per-click pop-ups, banner ads and social media campaigns can all reach impressive amounts of people, but the actual exposure time itself is incredibly short. Once an ad is over or a page navigated away from, it’s highly unlikely that the user will recall its content, who it was advertising or even the product in question. A promotional giveaway, on the other hand, has a far lengthier shelf life, meaning it’s the marketing gift (literally) which keeps on giving.

  • Brand consistency

If your entire business operation is based online, there’s very little chance for you to cement your brand’s aesthetic and establish it in the mind of your target clientele. Of course, employing consistency in your brand guidelines is important across all of your marketing channels, but extending that same uniformity to 3D products can bring an extra dimension to your outreach.

  • Encouraging loyalty

Who doesn’t love getting something for nothing? If you send first-time buyers a free gift as a token of your appreciation for their business, they’re sure to feel valued as a customer and harbour more respect for your business. On the other hand, gifting freebies to those who have not yet placed an order with you means that 83% of them are more likely to do so in the future.

  • Easy, fast and affordable

Many businesses are put off incorporating promotional items into their marketing strategy for fear of the stress and expense it will cause. However, just as ecommerce sites have made online shopping a doddle, so too has the internet revolutionised how easy it is to get your hands on branded items. What’s more, bulk buying discounts make the process economically viable, too.

Explore our online catalogue

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Want to take your ecommerce business to the next level? Promotional products are the ideal way to achieve those goals – and we’ve got a catalogue fit to burst with exciting item ideas. One piece of advice for those unsure of which products lend themselves to the purpose most effectively: prioritise functionality and usefulness above all else.

An item that adds practical value to the recipient’s life is far more likely to be retained and used than one which doesn’t. What’s more, every time it is used, it will serve as a piece of ambulant advertising material that’ll alert new potential customers to your company’s existence and boost your brand’s profile. Some suggestions of useful gifts that are sure to be given a good home include USB pens, power banks and phone cases from the world of technology, while wearables such as hats, t shirts and hoodies are other excellent options.

Still not sure which promotional products are best suited to your particular ecommerce business niche? Our friendly team of experienced staff members are here to help. Give us a call on 0201 101 9315 or fill out our online form and we’ll reply as soon as we can – normally within 15 minutes during working hours. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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