Why we Use the Highest Quality Fabrics for the Highest Quality T-Shirt Printing Services



A t-shirt is a classic wardrobe essential, and it’s crucial to us (as a company who specialises in t-shirt printing) to ensure our t shirts are the highest quality.

We all know how great a good quality t-shirt makes us feel. When the material is soft, and the style fits great – you feel comfortable and confident in your outfit and yourself.

Quality is important to us, and it’s our highest priority for the products we offer.

What we provide:

Ring-spun yarn: It’s finer, smoother, and offers a more consistent knit for our garments. The finer fibres are tightly twisted together, and this results in a stronger, cable-like yarn. Ring-spun yarns creates a smoother and more durable fabric, made for long-lasting designs and year-long use.

High Quality t shirts last longer

We want our products to stand the test of time, and it’s really important to us that when you place an order with us, you can be confident in your garment knowing that they’ve been made with the best materials possible.

The truth is, high quality materials last longer, and when a product lasts a long time, you’re more likely to be a return or loyal customer. We want our garments to be long-lasting and hard-wearing for our customers.

High quality t shirts keep their style and shape

The sign of a good quality t-shirt, is one that retains its style and shape, wash after wash. When you purchase a cheap t-shirt, the first sign that it wasn’t made with high quality materials – is when the shirt loses its shape after washing.

This is common with cheaper brands, but it’s not something you’ll find with our products. Why?

Because all of our T-shirts use pre-shrunk fabric, a technique that means your t shirts will keep their shape and style no matter how often you wash them. We do however recommend you read the washing guidelines page on our website, to ensure you’re washing them correctly! This ensures they last as long as possible in your wardrobe.

High quality fabrics are better to print onto

Of course, the better quality of fabric we use, the better results we see for printing. Naturally, the better quality of fabrics you use, the better the printing technique takes to the fabric, so ensuring our fabric quality is of a high standard has always been a big priority for us.

Here at Garment Printing, we offer the very latest t-shirt printing techniques, which means we having something to suit almost every design and requirement.

With state of the art screen printing machinery, we can print over 100,000 screen printed t shirts a day – so ensuring the quality of those t shirts is absolutely paramount to us. One way we can ensure the quality of our t shirts stays high, is by ensuring the quality of the fabrics is high.

Here are some of the printing processes we can use when printing t shirts:

Screen printing: This is the t-shirt printing process which applies ink directly onto the t shirts (or clothing) using mesh screens. We also offer Water-Based screen printing which is a more Eco-Friendly Option.

Direct to garment printing: This is also known as digital printing and it is the process of printing full-colour images onto garments using DTG machines.

Dye sublimation: This method let’s you put any and every design onto t shirts, and is done using a special transfer paper which is heat-pressed over the top of the t-shirt. This technique for t-shirt printing can only used on 100% white polyester garments.

CAD vinyl printing: CAD Cut Vinyl printing is a process of cutting your design using a plotter, and then applying to the t-shirt using an industrial heat press. It is similar to transfer printing.

Transfer printing: This process includes putting your design onto a special, transferable vinyl material. Similar to the technique above.

Quality is the key

To create beautiful and long-lasting garments, using any and all of the techniques above, we have to ensure our fabrics are high quality. The key to all of these techniques being successful, is in the quality of the fabric used.

If you’d like to talk more to us about t-shirt printing, or if you’d like to place an order, our printing experts are on hand to talk to you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your printing project.

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