Why you Should be using Branded Uniforms



Are you considering introducing branded uniforms into your workplace? If so, the real question is not “Should my staff wear personalised workwear?” but “Why aren’t they doing so already?”

There are so many benefits to kitting out your workforce in clothing that differentiate them from the general public, allows them to perform their duties efficiently and creates a positive impression in the process. Indeed, a smart and stylish workwear wardrobe can make all the difference in whether your business reaches the next level or falls by the wayside.

The Best Choice for Branded Uniform

For anyone unclear on how exactly branded uniforms can have such a decisive impact on your company’s fortunes, these 10 benefits of bringing them into your workplace should eliminate any doubts.

1)  Professional impression

First thing’s first: the first impression. You’ll never get a second chance to make one and they can be all important in determining whether a customer will sign that lucrative deal or walk into the arms of one of your competitors. Equipping your employees with elegant workwear options will immediately establish you as a professional and trustworthy enterprise.

2)  Easily identifiable employees

As well as creating a positive impression of the company, uniforms can also serve the fundamental purpose of marking out which individuals work for you. For members of the general public who wish to ask a question or need help, this kind of immediate awareness is key to bolstering customer service and enhancing public relations.

3)  Free marketing

Think of uniforms as not just identifiers of who works for you, but also mobile billboards which advertise your company and its services everywhere that your staff go. For businesses of all stripes and sizes, increased publicity is always a good thing, so clothing your employees in branded uniforms can help to raise the profile of your firm inside and outside of the workplace.

4)  Brand consistency

If you consider all of the most successful businesses and franchises in the world, they all have one thing in common: an immediately recognisable logo, slogan or other distinguishing feature. Settling upon one of these for your company and incorporating it across all of your marketing channels – including your staff workwear – will help to reinforce trust in your brand.

5)  Team spirit

It might be helpful to imagine a branded uniform a bit like a football strip: everyone wearing one belongs to the same team and is pulling in the same direction. If you distribute high-quality garments among your staff which bear your company name and logo, you’ll encourage them to embrace their role as a cog in the machine that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

6)  Pride in work

Never underestimate the power of appearances. Wearing new and attractive clothes instantly makes us feel more presentable and desirable to the outside world in our personal lives, and the same is true in our professional ones, too. Foster a sense of pride among your employees by equipping them with a stylish uniform and watch productivity and morale levels soar.

7)  Employee responsibility

Employees who are wearing apparel branded with the company credentials are bound to be subconsciously more aware of the fact that they are representing your business, and thus act appropriately when among the general public. Ideally, you’ll employ staff who won’t need this kind of incentive to behave in a professional manner, but it’s a consideration for those unable to supervise their workforce at all times.

8)  Cost savings for staff

For many employees, acquiring clothes specifically for work purposes is a time-consuming and expensive chore. This unwanted hassle can be quickly and efficiently eliminated by distributing branded uniforms to all members of staff, meaning that everyone will enter the workplace on an equal footing and no one has to worry about bringing adequate attire into their professional lives.

9)  Health and safety

It shouldn’t be forgotten that certain types of workwear are actually legal requirements in many industries. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential in many jobs to ensure the health and safety of employees, whether it’s insulated jackets and coats to protect them from the cold, hi-vis attire to improve visibility or helmets, gloves and steel toe cap boots to safeguard the body.

10)   Bolster security

While having immediately identifiable employees can be helpful to prospective customers, it can also help improve in-house security. For example, a branded uniform that contains certain colours, lettering or styles can indicate at a glance whether an individual has permission to access specific rooms or sites in a workplace, thus contributing to a more secure environment for all.

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