Why you should choose personalised socks for your next campaign



Are you planning to launch a new advertising campaign in the near future? The value that promotional items can add to your marketing strategy should not be underestimated; according to recent research, giving away corporate freebies emblazoned with your company name and logo can enhance your chances of securing new customers by up to 83%. That’s marketing potential you simply can’t afford to miss out on.

Of course, the secret to a good promotional giveaway campaign lies in the actual items you choose to distribute. Tried and tested classics like hats, pens and bags can certainly serve a purpose, but at a trade fair or business conference where every stall is offering the same fare, it can help to think outside the box and provide your potential target market with something a little bit different. Personalised socks can be just the solution to that conundrum, combining a whole host of advantages that make them the thinking man’s ideal freebie.

Making the Most of Personalised Socks

personalised socks

Here are six reasons why you should consider branded socks as part of your next promotional campaign, along with ideas on how to maximise their impact so that you can tap into new markets, extend your brand portfolio and position yourself as a business that’ll really knock its customers’ socks off.

1)  They’re highly useful

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what industry you work in or how you like to spend your free time – everybody needs a good pair of socks to keep their feet warm and comfortable. They’re also one of those commodities which, despite their necessity, are often last on the shopping list; people frequently receive socks as a present but rarely buy them for themselves. As such, you can position your business as the giver of that gift and achieve some powerful promotion in the process, expanding your brand’s outreach and impressing the recipient in one fell swoop.

2)  They’re long-lasting

Each time the socks are worn, the wearer will see your company name and remember the generosity you showed them with the gift. They’ll also recall your brand, what your company does and perhaps even consider contracting your services or purchasing your goods. Where can else can you achieve such intimate ad space on such a regular basis? And if the socks are manufactured from top quality materials – as those used by Garment Printing invariably are – then they’ll perform that invaluable role for many years to come.

3)  They’re versatile to your brand’s identity

Another strong selling point of personalised socks is their versatility. As well as choosing the size, shape and fabrics from which the socks are crafted, you can also match the colours to those used in your company’s branding. And that’s before you even considered the actual customisation of the design itself! Thanks to the sophistication and variety of the printing techniques used by our team of experienced specialists, we can recreate virtually any piece of artwork, pattern or other design you like. The possibilities are endless for personalisation!

4)  They’re a novel giveaway

As mentioned above, some of the more predictable stalwarts of the corporate giveaway scene might be functional enough entities in their own right, but they’ve been around the block long enough to be almost old hat in terms of promotional freebies. To achieve a wow factor and differentiate your business from the competition, a novel giveaway such as a personalised pair of socks can be just the ticket. Any advantage you can gain over your rivals by tweaking the corporative giveaway formula – even ever so slightly – should not be lightly relinquished.

5)  They’re affordable

socks for your campaign

Despite their longevity and practicality, branded socks represent excellent value for money in comparison to some more expensive promotional products. Technology might be all the rage right now, and splashing out on higher-value items can be a cogent strategy for higher-value prospects and higher-valued clients, but it’s always good to have different freebies in your locker with a variety of price points. Socks are affordable but still highly useful, making them a great choice for mass giveaways or as part of a promotional bundle.

6)  They’re transportable

Last but not least, socks are a lightweight item that can be easily moved from A to B with the minimum of fuss. This can prove a huge boon if you’re looking to take a truckload of freebies to a trade show, business conference or other corporate occasion, since the elbow grease involved in lugging them around is significantly reduced in comparison to weightier items. It also means they can fit snugly and unobtrusively in a promotional goodie bag or even be sent to targeted clients via good, old-fashioned snail mail.

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