Why you Should Remember Body Diversity with your Printed T-shirts



Body positivity and body diversity is something many more brands are taking more seriously in the textile and fashion industries. And rightly so – everyone and everybody deserves to have comfortable, well-fitting clothing, and supporting the body diversity movement means you’re supporting everyone’s right to feel happy, confident and comfortable in their clothing. 

Here are some reasons why body diversity is something your brand should be embracing: 

It’s the right thing to do

First and foremost, supporting body diversity is the right thing to do. Why? Because everyone is equal and every type of body deserves love and inclusivity. For many years, people with bodies that differ from the (so perceived) ‘norm’ have been left out of certain fashion choices, or certain brands. For body types such as plus size, extra tall, petite, etc – it can be difficult finding clothes that fit in the mainstream market. So supporting the body diversity movement shows your customers that you are different, and your brand becomes part of something much bigger. 

It’s widens your customer base 

Not everyone in the UK fits into the ‘standard’ size chart. Lots of people’s bodies fall into other categories, and no one is right or wrong. People have the right to live comfortably and happily in their body – and brands should try and cater to all kinds of bodies, regardless of size or shape. Or every ‘standard’ sized person, there is probably another person who is smaller or larger, who hasn’t been able to find something suitable or something they like. Widening your range to include different (less represented) sizes, means you instantly widen your customer base, and it’s a great way of attracting new customers to form part of a new audience. 

It sends the right message to customers 

Finally, embracing body diversity is something that sends a positive message to your customers and sends out a positive and inclusive message. We don’t know about you, but isn’t an inclusive brand the kind of brand you would want to support? An inclusive brands shows that they’re being thoughtful and considerate of other shapes and sizes, and it shows that they’re not putting any groups of people above another. It’s a great message to share as a brand, and it’s another reason body diversity is so important. 

Why else is body diversity important?

There are so many other reasons body diversity is important. It’s so great to support minorities and to support bodies shapes and sizes that are currently under-represented in the industry. It makes your brand forward-thinking and puts you ahead of the competition.

Another really important part of representing body diversity in your brand is making sure you include body diversity in your advertising too. Remember, if you cater to a variety of sizes and shapes of people, including plus size people, make sure you’re using plus size people in your advertisements too. Using a range of bodies on social media (like your instagram and Facebook posts) and in your social media adverts (or print adverts) is just as important as representing these people in your clothing brand and product lines.
You support for the body diversity movement has to encompass everything you do and your entire brand, to be authentic and genuine.

Life would be boring if we were all the same shape and size, and it’s body diversity that makes life (and humans) so interesting and unique. Body diversity is a positive movement and it’s something you should feel excited and encouraged to be a part of. The body diversity community are also a huge, supportive community too – so they’re a great community to support and be a part of!

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