Eco-friendly clothing and printing:

At Garment Printing, as we grow we recognise our responsibilities to the community and the environment. We are committed to being a transparent company and doing our best to operate and offer environmentally friendly services. At Garment Printing, we want you to join us and print for positive change. With each product we generate, we want to leave the world a little better than we found it.

We don’t put up a green screen:

It’s important to us to be upfront and honest with you. We do not put up a green screen. We are not a 100% ecological entity and we do offer services such as plastisol screen printing on non-organic products. We ask you to trust us that we do recognise the need for environmental change, and it is important to us. We are increasingly moving towards sustainable printing techniques such as water-based ink screen-printing and growing our selection of organic and ecological products. As a company, we make sure to offer you a range of garments to choose from, allowing you to make a choice to take part in the global ecological revolution.

Water-based ink screen printing services:

Although we offer many printing options, our most valued technique is referred to as water-based screen printing. Liquid PVC, also known as plastisol, can be described as the most environmentally damaging plastic and contains many chemical additives. Water-based inks are not only less toxic than plastisol (the most common ink option for screen printing) but also penetrate the textile further to create longer lasting imagery. Ideal for printing a deep and vibrant palette onto light-coloured fabrics, these inks additionally have the option of Pantone matching. Printing with water-based inks also allows for the retention of optimal texture, making it perfect for large area printing.

Organic and eco-friendly clothing:

At Garment Printing, we offer a range of options of ecological clothing including organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and most prominently, fine jersey Tencel. All fabrics are proven to be environmentally friendly in their creation and biodegradable nature and optimised in their texture with a feeling as soft as cashmere and silk.

Tencel is a fabric used by the Continental Clothing Company in the create of their clothing, that is not only environmentally sound but also has intense cooling features. Garment Printing collaborates with Continental, winner of the Ethical Corporation Responsible Business Award for Outstanding Performance, to print ecologically sound apparel. Tencel is confirmed by the Confidence in Textiles Organisation, ensuring there is no harmful substances in the creation of the fabrics; there is only one chemical used in the manufacturing of Tencel, amine oxide, a non-toxic solvent in closed-loop processing where 99% of the chemical is reused.

The fabric, besides the environmental benefits, has various advantages that benefit the wearer directly. The cooling and moisture absorbing characteristics of Tencel create an added benefit of the ecological textile. Tencel rapidly absorbs liquid and releases the moisture back into the atmosphere. The environmentally friendly material promotes natural cooling and manages moisture through the placement of tiny hydrophilic fibrils or “little hairs” that comprise the textile and allow for its limitless functional properties.

Tencel is created through a sustainable process, with no harmful chemicals involved in manufacturing the biodegradable textile. Through the perpetual recycling of the non-toxic solvent, the environmental impact is significantly decreased whereas sizeable amounts of energy and water are conserved. Additionally, the manufacturing process of Tencel can be viewed as more eco-friendly than the processing of other green textiles such as bamboo and hemp.

If you are interested in eco-friendly clothing printing or would like to find out more about Tencel T-Shirts, water-based ink screen printing, or any of our other eco-friendly products, get in touch by filling out the form below or give us a call.