Custom Beanies

Beanies are the perfect accessory when the cold season begins. They are simple yet modern and therefore, it is a really practical item and needed in every well-appointed wardrobe since they are appearing on every autumn-winter trend list throughout the years. They are most likely known as “Beanies” but are also known under the name of “Watch cap”, “Skullcap” or “Toque”. No matter which name you prefer, fact is, that custom beanies are a great complement for every style and they can’t be missed in your wardrobe.

Garment Printing has over 40 years of experience in personalised clothing and we offer you the opportunity to personalise your beanies. Create your unique clothes and accessories with the most advanced printing techniques and make your outfit stand out from the crowd with a custom beanie. Whether it is for a special occasion or simply to personalise your clothes with your favourite image or your company logo, check out our wide range of products to personalise – browse our catalogue now!

Beanies have been around in the fashion industry for centuries, leading back to medieval England, where they were worn as everyday wear by workers such as sailor or farmers and in general everyone, who worked in the cold and needed protection from the cold.

The first form of beanie were called Monmouth caps, which originate from the name of town they came from. Nowadays it is a fashion piece for everyone’s wardrobe, no matter what age or job a person practices. It is even considered to be the first accessory for baby’s to protect their delicate skin.

Even the earliest versions of Beanies were decorated with embroidery. Here at Garment Printing we are offering both excellent embroidery services as well as the best printing techniques with state-of-the-art machinery. Some of the printing techniques we are using are: sublimation printingscreen printing, transfer printing and DTG printing

Also, we are working together with the world’s leading suppliers and we are always ensuring to use the most suitable and modern printing technique for each design to always make sure that Garment Printing exceeds their customers’ expectations.

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Beanies are the ultimate winter staple for both genders and its main function is to protect your head from the cold but it is more than just a practical accessory. They can also be used and worn to upgrade your wardrobe or maybe to hide a bad hair day. Embroidered beanies make it easy to add your own personal touch because by personalising this fashion piece with your own personal message or design you can easily expose your cause in a fun and creative way. Beanies are offering enough space to print on or to embroider on.

In addition to that, they are really versatile, hence they are perfect to dress up or down for different occasions or due to your individual liking. You can either dress them really classic or casual or even edgy, or play with patterns, there are no restrictions and a many styling possibilities.

If you want to combine the perfect, trendy winter accessory with practicality, get your custom Beanie today and be on trend this autumn-winter while staying warm. In case you want to make sure to be well equipped this winter, we are also offering embroidered jackets and embroidered fleeces . Match the embroidery of your headwear with you new and shiny jacket!