Garment Printing Sponsorship Opportunities

At Garment Printing, we believe in sponsoring good causes.

That’s why we offer excellent sponsorship opportunities for any good cause. We aid in promoting awareness of any good cause through sponsoring charity and awareness groups.

Below you will find out more information and you can download our online sponsorship request form. We request this to objectively evaluate all sponsorship requests.

Garment Printing sponsorship policy:

Our criteria for sponsorship and areas of focus are the following:

  • Reflect our commitment to charity and awareness events
  • Generate brand awareness and provide opportunities to create an understanding of Garment Printing. I.e who we are, what we do and what we stand for
  • Differentiate us from the competition
  • Complement our existing sponsorships
  • To generate social, print and online buzz

While the client maybe not-for-profit, our sponsorship is done with the expectation of commercial return for the brand and therefore, business return on investment for Garment Printing.

Applying for sponsorship:

All information will be kept confidential and only applications submitted using this form will be given consideration. All sponsorship requests will be reviewed within one week of submission so you will receive a response from us within this time period. Download the form below.