What is 3D embroidery?

3D embroidery is a technique similar to standard embroidery whereby your design is set up within a special file format called a DST file. We will use this file and the running sheet to tell our machines exactly how it should be embroidered to ensure a perfect finish.

After the file has been sent to the machine, the garments are then fixed into place using a special support which clamps the embroidered area of the garment so it is tight and will not move.

Finally, thread colours are added to the machine and the design is stitched onto the garment.

The main difference between standard embroidery and 3D embroidery is that a foam material is fixed to the garment before the threads are then embroidered over the top. This gives a raised 3D effect that will give your brand even more visibility.


3D embroidery is an excellent technique as it’s ideal for all types of garments from corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and any other types of clothing that you can think of. From large organisations to small businesses – embroidery is the perfect way to customise your clothing and ensure that your brand name and logo is represented perfectly.

One of the main benefits of using 3D embroidery is the durability of this technique. Providing all of the wash care instructions are followed perfectly, then there shouldn’t be any reason why the embroidery will not last as long as the garment itself.

3D embroidery works best on heavyweight products, for example, caps, hoodies and sweatshirts. It also works very well on workwear items like aprons and jackets.



• Produces a high-quality finish

• Stylish and sophisticated look

• Excellent durability


•Difficult to achieve exact replications of complicated designs

• Uses single colour threads and stitches to recreate designs

• Initial setup fee makes it unsuitable for small quantity orders

• Unsuitable for lightweight fabrics

• Minimum recommended order quantity is 25 units


To preserve the embroidery and the garment, it is recommended to wash it inside out on a cold wash. Do not use a tumble dryer and do not iron over the print.