Flock Printing

The beauty of flock printing is that it can be applied to the complete design or separate elements within your design to give the individual elements a 3D effect which helps them to stand out above the rest.

What is Flock Printing

The flock printing process is similar to vinyl printing where the design is cut-out using a plotter and applied to the product using an industrial heat-press.

Flock printing can be achieved by using flock vinyl which gives the design a 3D ‘furry’ finish to it. This flock material can be cut out and applied to many different products. 

Other types of vinyl printing:

Flock printing is an ideal solution for fashion clients and promotional wear as it can be printed on lots of different products. For example; 
t shirtshoodiespolo shirtscaps, sweatshirts and much more.

Flock vinyl can be up to A3 size to achieve brilliant, bold and in your face designs with a beautiful 3D texture to really make your designs stand out.


Due to the texture of flock printing, the garments where it’s used should be washed inside out and never placed inside the tumble dryer. It’s important to avoid ironing over the print as this can ruin the print and, ultimately, ruin the T-Shirt.

Please refer to our Wash & Care Guide here.

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