Puff Screen Printing

Puff screen printing can create an eye-catching design to make you stand out of the crowd. The process involves the same setups and processes as standard screen printing  but it allows for excellent, special 3D effects to be applied to your design.

You can give your full design a raised effect or limit it to certain elements within the design to give it the desired effect and to bring more attention to a specific point. There are no limits to your creativity and you can create whatever design you would like to achieve.

The ink used is still Plastisol based but there is also a foaming agent that expands when it reacts to heat, causing the ink to example and thus giving it a 3D effect.  One of the many advantages of the 3D effect is that it makes your design or logo stand out more, hence the exposure to the public will be higher. It can also create a unique stylish and casual design.

Uses of puff screen printing:

Puff screen printing is one of the most versatile printing techniques and so it works very well with nearly all garment types with the exception of garments which feature long fibres. Most cotton garments are suitable for puff screen printing, but if you have a specialised garment that you require and are unsure then please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more advice. Our friendly staff will answer you within minutes and will help you to proceed further.

We can always screen print onto t shirtshoodiessweatshirtspolos, tote bags and many more products and so we will be able to find a solution that meets your needs. 


Printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it comes to washing. To preserve the print and the garment, it is recommended that you wash it inside out on a cold wash. Do not use a tumble-dryer and do not iron over the print. Please refer to our Wash & Care Guide here to ensure your print is durable.

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