Eco-Friendly Screen Printing

This way of printing can be a great option if you are thinking about starting a line of clothing and want to go down the route of “caring for the environment” and “Social Responsibility”.

Eco-friendly screen printing follows the same rules and processes as standard screen printing but the inks used are all water-based. The more common inks used as plastisol inks. The water-based inks are more eco-friendly as, obviously, they are water-based but they’re also a lot harder to manipulate and work with due to the quicker drying time. There can also be more wastage as the excess ink needs to be disposed of and can not be reused.

This printing option is an ideal combination with our Fairwear and Sustainable Clothing products from Continental Clothing.

Other types of screen printing:

Uses for eco-friendly screen printing:

Eco-friendly screen printing is a great option if you’re looking for fashion style prints with a softer finish or if you are thinking of printing onto baby clothes as the inks are less chemical based than the standard Plastisol inks.


Printed garments are more sensitive and need extra attention when it comes to washing. Please refer to our Wash & Care Guide here.

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