Marketing services

At Garment Printing we are specialists in marketing services. This particularly applies to textile printing and merchandising products for agencies and specialists in advertising and marketing. We want to be part of your team so that you can develop a brand strategy that looks perfect.

Among the marketing services that we have, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Printing services:

Our high-quality service entails a number of offerings such as textile personalisation, online printing, T-Shirt printing and fast, next day printing services.

Graphic design:

We ca your previews, redesign your logos and designs to prepare them for printing and we even consult you during the entire process.

Promotional marketing:

Do you want to carry out promotional marketing, yet have no clear idea about how to do it? We can advise you and help in your selection of textile personalisation and promotional products.

Online and offline marketing strategies:

Do you want to combine your offline effort with your online efforts? We can help you with some innovative techniques.

Advisory service:

Our experts in textile products and promotional products will guide through the buying process and will consult you about the printing techniques that are the best in each case.


We can provide customised packaging to give your order a unique and fully personalised feel. All packaging can be customised with your logo and your designs.


At Garment Printing, we take charge of the tagging of your shirts (or any other custom printed clothing option) so that your garments are personalised 100% in accordance with your brand.

We are a textile printing business which you can collaborate with when your campaigns require wholesale personalised printed T-Shirts, or personalised merchandising products featuring the brand of your clients to use in marketing actions. Moreover, you can achieve all of this while working around your schedule and with constant back-and-forth with our team.

We are proud of collaborating and brainstorming ideas with national and international agencies, developing campaigns that require personalised T-Shirts for advertising or printed merchandise.

Our team of experts work alongside you to guarantee the success of your events and campaigns and help you during the entire process.

Instead of carrying out three or four meetings to look for and decide on the T-Shirts and clothing that you would like to personalise for your customers and then discover that printing isn’t possible for this type of product, that your budget isn’t sufficient or that more time is needed than previously anticipated…

Why not get in contact with us and explain to us your needs: objectives, ideas, budget? In this way, you accelerate your planning and your budget will end up being much more realistic and efficient. We have a wide catalogue of products and personalisation techniques in order to adjust to the corporate colours of your brand, business or logo.

To check out all of our products, you can take a look at our section of textile printing and merchandise products. You can also review the printing techniques at which we excel.