Custom printed selfie-sticks

These days, it’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone who is taking a selfie in front of a landmark. Taking these selfies has become something of an art form as people want to create truly memorable photos which they can share on their favourite social media sites. In order to ensure that you’re creating a brilliant picture that includes everything that you want, most people tend to turn to the selfie-stick.

These extendable sticks are designed to hold either a smartphone or small camera and they provide the perfect distance needed to help create well-composed picture.Download our Price Guide

If you’re looking for the perfect promotional marketing gift to help your business or organisation achieve more brand awareness, take advantage of the hype surrounding these handy tech gadgets by ordering a batch of custom printed selfie-sticks today. Custom printing selfie-sticks helps you position your business for success when you deliver a customised, promotional selfie-stick to your top clients and high-value prospects.

Not only will they appreciate the thoughtful gift, they’ll also be able to glance at the custom printed logo on the stick and this provides the true value behind these awesome promotional gifts. Choose from different selfie-stick models, some using headphone jacks to trigger the photo or some which utilise the photo-timer that’s built into the smartphone.