Custom printed speakers

Everyone loves music. It’s a known fact that whether it’s jazz, rock, pop, R&B or any other version of music, everyone listens to music. This makes speakers and excellent way of raising brand awareness and raising attention for your charity or cause. Custom printed speakers are one of the best promotional gifts as they’re loved by everyone, from employees to students, customers to friends – this makes custom printed speakers an excellent option for your business.

Promotional portable speakers also make a great addition to your booth at tradeshow events as they are one of the best takeaway items. Thanks to the brilliant space on the speakers, we are able to brand them using your company logo, charity message or the message from your campaign.Download our Price Guide!

At Garment Printing, we have a great range of speakers, from wired to Bluetooth, and this allows you to offer a variety of different speakers to your customers. Our stylish speakers are also guaranteed to get questions from others and this helps to spread the word of your brand.

The fantastic space also allows you to include important information such as your company name, website and contact number – ensuring that your custom printed speakers will result in more traffic for your company.

If you’re looking to add a fantastic and unique product to your marketing campaigns, contact us now and enquire about the brilliant range of speakers that we offer.