Personalised Badges

What makes badges so great for marketing? There are lots of things that make badges a great investment for your marketing efforts, and we’ll discuss some of them below. Here at Garment Printing, we provide vibrant and high-quality badges, perfect for marketing purposes and perfect for raising awareness of your company or business. Badges are fun, eye-catching and easy to design – a perfect reason to place your order with Garment Printing now.

Promotional merchandise and creating personalised products is an effective and tested way to market your business. Badges are a fantastic way of raising brand awareness, and they’re a brilliant product to try if merchandising is something you’re looking to try for your business or brand.

Here are some reasons you should look into getting personalised badges for your marketing strategy:

Badges are collectable

There’s no denying the nostalgia and satisfaction of collecting something like badges. Badges work great for this purpose – especially for businesses that have a strong customer following. If you can design 3+ badges and hand them out on different occasions, it’s a great opportunity to encourage people to collect all the designs and talk more about your brand and product. It increases brand engagement and visibility massively.

They’re small and portable

Badges are a small size, which makes them super easy to travel with and also store. If you’re doing a launch event or running a stand at an industry expo – the last thing you want is bulky merchandise that will take up time and space. Badges, because they’re small and nifty, can be easily moved from location to location – and can easily be stored too.

They’re eye-catchingBadges are eye-catching and people are naturally drawn to look at them. A well-designed badge is a wonderful tool for drawing attention to your brand and increasing brand visibility.They’re flexibleBadges can be worn and displayed in many different ways, and badges aren’t just for pinning onto t-shirts or jumpers, they can be pinned onto bags, scarves and even notebooks! Because of the flexibility badges offer, they’re a great ‘freebie’ for all kinds of customers.

They’re affordable

When you order personalised business badges for company merchandise, it’s ideal to keep the costs down where possible. Badges are a really affordable way of trying our personalised merchandise because our badges at Garment Printing are affordable and our quotes are tailored to your specific project.

They come in lots of styles

One of the final reasons why badges make such fantastic promotional merchandise is the variety of styles they’re available in. The varying styles of badges we offer at Garment Printing mean you can tailor the design of your personalised badges to the kind of people that will be wearing them.