Personalised Phone Cases

Personalised phone cases make a fantastic item of promotional merchandise, especially for businesses and companies that are looking to expand their customer reach and get more brand exposure. Nowadays, everyone has a phone, so a promotional, and personalised phone case makes a great choice for business merchandise and promotional business giveaways.

But personalised phone cases aren’t just for businesses and brands – they can be for personal use too! Personalised phone cases are a lovely thing to buy for yourself as a treat, or to buy for someone else as a gift too! There’s nothing nicer than having a phone case with a photo of loved ones on it, or with a pattern of design on it that you love.

Personalised phone cases at Garment Printing

Here at Garment Printing we have a wide range of phone cases available (suitable for a variety of models and handsets) and we also have many different methods of personalisation available too.

This means you can create the perfect personalised phone cover for you or your business! 

You’ll be able to choose from colours, and also design elements, such as logos or photographs that you’d like to be included. The limit is only your imagination, and we’ve seen some brands create amazing designs for their personalised phone cases. The more eye catching the better – as your phone case will always be the centre of attention!

Personalised phone cases for businesses

Personalised phone cases can be used as great products for promotional marketing. Phone cases are a very useful and in-demand item, so gifting them for free during launch event, conferences or expos – is a fantastic why to get attention from potential clients or customers. The best thing is, customers or clients use their phone every day (all day!) so your brand logo or brand design will always be by their side, or in the eye line. It’s an ideal marketing tactic that every brand should try!

You could also put promotional phone cases into goody bags as free promotional gifts, or give them away in your store in return for a newsletter sign-up or their email address (for example). We’ve also see brand give phone cases away during festivals and outdoor events – and this is always a success too.

There are no limits on what you can do with your promotional and personalised phone cases, and the great thing about phone cases is how portable and easily packaged they are too – giving you even more flexibility.

Personalised phone cases for personal use and gifting

If you’re not a business or brand, you might be looking to buy your personalised phone case as a birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or family member. This is a fantastic idea – a personalised phone case makes a wonderful gift and it shows you have really put thought into the gift too. 

We’ve also seen people give personalised phone cases to new parents to celebrate the birth of their baby – with the personalised design being a cute photo of the newborn! It’s a lovely, thoughtful and unique idea, and it means they’ll always have a photograph of the new baby wherever they go! 

Everyone loves receiving personalised items, and a phone case is a lovely personalised gift to receive as it’s something you look at, use and enjoy every single day! There’s nothing better than that when it comes to gift giving! 

Delivery and printing experts

Here are Garment Printing we are printing experts, so you can rest assured knowing that the products we provide are high quality, as are the printing techniques we use. 

We have different delivery options available too – so if you need your personalised phone case in a rush, you can even select our express shipping option. 

Get in touch

If you’ve got any questions about placing an order for our personalised phone cases, or if you’ve got any queries about designing the phone case, we’d be happy to help. Our printing experts are always on hand to make sure the process goes smoothly and your phone case turns out perfect! 

Just get in touch with us using the form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!