Pens are a business-essential. Whether you use your pen for taking down those crucial business notes, or whether you use them for making notes on important documents – we all need a reliable and high-quality pen. But it’s not just the business world who need personalised pens! It’s school children (great for making sure your child keeps their own set of stationary!) and even college students (as a great going-away gift). 

Here at garment Printing we offer a variety of fantastic pens, all of which can be personalised and tailored to your needs. Whatever you’re using your promotional or personalised pen for, we have the right option for you. 

Here at Garment Printing, we are specialists in creating promotional pens that can be used for any occasion, no matter who you’re giving the pen to. Our unique service and competitive pricing ensures that you can increase your brand awareness and reward your loyal customers without breaking the bank.

Promotional pens for business merchandising

Business merchandising is a huge industry and it’s a method of promotional marketing that really works. The idea with promotional merchandising, is that you provide customers and potential clients with items for free, that they will use in their everyday lives. Each time they use the object or item, they’re reminded of your brand – making them more likely to use you in the future.

Promotional, customisable, pens are one of the most classic choices for business merchandise. They’re small, affordable and always useful – so they’re an item most people keep for a long time. If you’ve ever been to a hotel and kept their branded pen – then promotional merchandising has worked on you! 

Pens are easy to transport to events such as marketing conferences, or expo’s, and they’re easy to give away too. They’re also really useful and functional, and easy for someone to keep in the bag or pocket without much effort. 

We can print your branding or logo onto our range of pens, to ensure you have the ideal pen to give away at these industry events. There are a range of styles, as well as a range of colours too – so you can customise your pen perfectly to fit your branding and brand message. 

Personalised pens as a gift

Personalised pens also make a great gift, as they’re something people will always use and something that’ll always be helpful too. For children, personalised pens are a fun gift that they can show off to their friends, and for adults, it’s a useful and functional gift that can prove useful in any situation. 

Our printing techniques for personalised pens

All of our pens are high-quality and long-lasting and for printing, we use the latest techniques which are able to print onto the pen in a unique and stylish way. There are many different options, depending on the style of pen you have opted for too. 

Our printing techniques are also capable of Pantone colour matching which means that we can replicate your brand across all of the pens so your customers will automatically know who you are whenever they take a note. This colour matching service ensures your branding stays consistent too – which is a really key aspect of marketing and growing a successful brand. 

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss ordering some personalised and promotional pens with us, you can contact our team of printing experts who will be happy to help. Our expert staff are able to provide bespoke support and they will help you with any artwork issues and they will also discuss the best printing technique to ensure that all of the printing is done to the highest possible standards and done within your budget. 

If you’re looking for an excellent, low-cost way of increasing brand awareness then speak to our expert, friendly staff about how personalised pens can help your business.