Stress Balls

The modern business world can be a stressful place to be. Hectic schedules, urgent deadlines, lucrative deals, high pressure. Sometimes, the daily grind can extend well beyond nine to five, bringing with the extended hours a whole host of headaches and anxieties.

While high tension situations have existed since the dawn of mankind, a compact and convenient method of dealing with the attendant emotions in the form of a stress ball was only struck upon in 1988. New York-based TV writer Alex Carswell came up with the idea after a particularly acrimonious phone call with his boss. In order to get rid of his anger, he launched a marker pen at a photo of his mother, relieving his stress but breaking the picture in the process. Borne of this experience, he came up with the idea to create the first example of a stress ball (aptly named The Stressball), which was initially intended to be thrown rather than squeezed and had a chip inside which made the noise of shattering glass on impact.

Using Stress Balls

Over the ensuing decades, the design has been tweaked and its purpose adjusted so that today, office workers, salesmen and other professionals working in high-pressure industries swear by these tiny toys adept at getting rid of all the negative feelings that can accumulate throughout the day. As such a ubiquitous product and one that’s intimately connected with the world of work, it’s only logical that branded stress balls make excellent promotional gifts. Indeed, they have consistently ranked among the top 10 corporate giveaways in the UK ever since their inception, demonstrating what a popular item they are among the business community.

Stress Balls as Promo Items

Why are they such an apt choice for promo bundles and freebies? First and foremost, stress balls are an incredibly cost-effective option, even when purchasing a bulk amount. The materials, machinery and labour involved are far less intensive than some other items, making them both economical and environmentally-friendly in comparison to technological giveaways, for example. For small businesses and fledgling start-ups, the bottom line can often be an all too pressing concern. In these scenarios, promotional stress balls offer a relatively affordable way to increase outreach and boost your brand, without breaking the bank.

Another key selling point of customised stress balls is their portability. Small, lightweight and easily stowable in a bag or even a pocket, stress balls can be transported with their owner whether they go, potentially earning you on-the-move advertising space. They’re equally unobtrusive when placed upon a desk within easy reach of their owner, relieving stress without adding to clutter – but still displaying your company name and logo within plain sight of everyone who enters the office. What’s more, every time it is used, it will serve to relieve tension – and your company will become subliminally associated with that release in the mind of the user. As such, they’re small but mighty marketing tools which shouldn’t be underestimated.

A further benefit offered by stress balls is their longevity. Pens run out of ink, notebooks run out of pages, USB sticks run out of memory and power banks run out of life, but stress balls never run out of squeeze. They’re the gift that just keeps on giving! With that in mind, investing in a promotional stress ball now and distributing it to favoured clients, prospective customers or even just the man on the street will cheerfully promote your brand far into the future and potentially pass through many owners, creating an organic daisy chain form of advertising that is akin to gold dust in the marketing world.

Stress Balls Manufacturing

At Garment Printing, we use only the finest materials in the creation of our stress balls, meaning they’re guaranteed to last the test of time. Through sophisticated printing techniques, we can emblazon the stress toy with any design you wish, no matter how intricate, meaning you can achieve authentic representation for your company and its ethos. Available in a wide array of colours, our stress balls are fully customisable to your particular needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer satisfaction at every stage of the process, from the initial inquiry and the product’s design, through to its manufacture and delivery direct to your door. Our comprehensive distribution service means we can send your stress balls to any address you desire, including trade shows and other corporate events, which can eliminate any stress (no pun intended!) in arranging transportation to the venue.

What are you waiting for? Check out our range of promo stress balls options today and get a quote.