Personalised Thermos Flasks

Personalised thermos flasks make a fun and memorable gift for anyone, and for many people – they’re genuinely useful each and every day. Most of us wouldn’t spend the time to personalised a thermos flask for ourselves – so being thoughtful and ordering one for a friend, colleague or family member is a great idea and something they’ll really love and appreciate. 

There’s something special about personalised gifts, and everyone loves receiving personalised items! A thermos flask is the kind of thing people use every day, and so every day you can make them smile when they glance at their new, personalised thermos flask! 

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The perfect gift 

Thermos flasks are your perfect on the go solution to keeping your hot drinks hot, so if you know someone who loves their tea of coffee – this is an ideal gift idea for them. Who doesn’t love taking out a hot mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate? 

It’s something they’ll get to use every day, and something that will mean they can enjoy a nice hot drink every morning too. Thermo mugs and flasks are extremely popular as the drinks can remain as hot or cold as you like it. 

The flasks are made of stainless steel, and this ensures that the product will last for many years and provides the insulation the flask needs to keep the contents warm for hours at a time. Hot coffee, cold iced tea or even soup; the flasks keep the contents at a perfect temperature and even look good enough to act as an accessory.

A thermos flask is also helping the environment too – cutting down on disposable coffee cups or tea cups, and cutting down on the plastic used in the disposable lids and stirrers. A gift that someone will love, that will also help the planet – it’s a perfect choice!

A fantastic choice for brand merchandising 

Because thermos flasks are so useful, and so popular, they make a great choice for brand merchandising and including in your brand merchandising strategy. Merchandising products to help promote your brand is something that can increase exposure and even help to grow your customer base. 

Items that fit with your brand can be personalised and printed with you brand name, logo, slogan (etc) and given out to customers and potential clients to help spread you brand message and get your logo out into the world. It’s a great way of increasing exposure, and it really can grow your brand’s reach in local and global communities (depending on the scale of your merchandising activity). 

Personalised Flasks are an excellent tool which can be used for promoting your business,  attracting new customers, and for brand awareness that lasts for years. They are perfect no matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re a business, club, charity, school or even if you want a fun and memorable gift for your friends or family.

Our thermos flasks can easily be printed with your logo and personalised to make maximum impact. It’s then up to you to give these to people in your target audience and potential customers! 

Many people spend hours on the road and lots of people do lengthy commutes each morning – so a thermo mug or flask is a practical accessory and are the perfect desirable promotional items. If people are going to actively use a merchandised item – it’s going to be a success strategy – which is why our thermos flasks make such a great choice. A thermo mug with a logo can be used for years, meaning your brand or company will continue to be seen by people for months and years after you gift it to them! It’s the perfect corporate gift or giveaway, and it’s also something that makes your brand look generous and thoughtful too. 

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Remember, it’s not just our thermos flasks that can be engraved or personalised. All our personalised flasks will make a perfect promotional material at sports and networking events. Make your company stand out with the ideal sports accessory too. Our personalised and engravable products include:

  • Thermos flask
  • Hip flasks
  • Coffee flasks

At Garment Printing, we offer a variety of high-quality flasks which can catch the eye of your future customers and spread the message you want to promote!

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