At Garment Printing, we pride ourselves on using only manufacturers and suppliers with a proven track record and an impeccable reputation for producing top-quality clothing, merchandise and other consumer products. Each and every brand with whom we work has established themselves as a leading player in their industry, combining cutting-edge style with superior materials to achieve a long-lasting end product that’s guaranteed to satisfy.

Here’s a brief rundown of just some of the dozens of brands with whom we’re proud to associate ourselves and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship, for today, tomorrow and many years into the future:

American Apparel

Founded in 1989 in Los Angeles, California, American Apparel grew to be one of the largest clothing manufacturers and marketers in North America. Today, they make comfortable and chic leisure and sportswear, with an emphasis on environmental and ethical practices in their supply chain.Meet American Apparel


Anvil’s ethos is focused on creating fashionable attire that contours to your body, accentuating your natural beauty and attracting the right kind of attention. They focus primarily on t-shirts and sweatshirts, offering up simple yet timeless patterns and combinations.Meet Anvil

AS Colour

AS Colour is committed to eliminating single-use plastics from the supply chain, as well as all of the other plastics. For the brand, doing the right thing is the only way. They belive that is the responsibility of every individual to be a good citizen, and while being a small player in a global market can at times be daunting, they believe our impact on human rights can be just as significant as larger operations and that we can all make a difference.Meet AS Colour


AWDis specialise in producing top-quality clothing designed specifically for the printing and promotional apparel market. Among their range of brands are lines such as JustHoods, JustCool and JustPolos, as well as So Denim and Ecologie.Meet AWDiS

B&C Beechfield

Experts in creating effortlessly stylish headwear, B&C Beechfield’s extensive catalogue includes all manners of beanies, caps and bobble hats perfect for any occasion. They also make other accessories such as gloves, scarves and mittens, as well as jackets and coats for colder climes.Meet B&C

Brave Soul

Brave Soul’s mission statement is to close the gap between the extravagant designs seen on the catwalk and the clothes worn by normal people on the street. Focusing mostly on casual wear, they bring innovative spins to everyday items to breathe new life into the world of fashion.Meet Brave Soul


This New Zealand-based sportswear company can count among its customers their national army and the All Blacks rugby team. Off the field, they also make a range of high-quality fitness wear items, from singlets and shorts to jackets and joggers.

Continental Clothing

Founded in 1998, Continental Clothing can lay claim to having designed the first ever woman’s fitted t-shirt to grace European shores. They carry that forward-thinking, industry-leading spirit into all of their products, which are specifically designed for the garment decoration sector.Meet Continental

Fruit of the Loom

With well over 160 years of experience in the clothing industry, Fruit of the Loom are one of the most famous brands worldwide and need no introduction. They specialise in sportswear and underwear, but make a delightfully uncomplicated range of colourful clothing for all purposes.Meet Fruit of the Loom


Canadian-based Gildan Activewear Inc. were formed in 1984 and by 2001, they were the biggest distributor of 100% cotton t-shirts in the whole of the USA. They have since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of branded and unbranded clothing in the world.Meet Gildan

Kustom Kit

As the name suggests, Kustom Kit specialise in manufacturing undecorated t-shirts, shirts, blouses, polo shirts and fleeces for use in the corporate, promotional and sportswear worlds. They’re currently one of the leading outfits in Europe to do so.


OGIO – our “Our Gear Is Organised” – is an innovative baggage manufacturing company which prides itself on finding innovative space- and time-saving solutions to everyday problems. Their ingenious backpacks and rucksacks combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive nous to present truly unique products.


Since 1999, Premier has been one of the industry frontrunners in creating high-quality, haute coutoure workwear at affordable prices. Among the industries they service are the beauty and healthcare sectors, corporate office wear, hospitality uniforms and kitchen clothing.Meet Premier


Regatta have a passion for the outdoors – and they want to share it with the world. That’s why they make high-quality, low-price winter wear for any occasion, no matter how low the mercury drops or how inclement the elements become.Meet Regatta


One of the largesmanufacturers of sportswear, casualwear and workwear in Europe, Roly produce eye-catching and long-lasting garments at an affordable price via ethical practices. They’re masters of the t-shirt in all its forms, but offer a range of other clothes of similarly impeccable quality, too.Meet Roly


Founded in 1902, Russell has more than a century of experience in creating comfortable and classy clothing for all spheres, whether that be the domestic, professional or educational. As well as school uniforms for children and smart office wear for adults, their casual range is also top-drawer.Meet Russell


Stanley/Stella was created with a simple objective in mind: to manufacture striking, simple clothing that respects employees, customers and the environment alike. With that straightforward philosophy, Stanley/Stella have gone from strength to strength.Meet Stanley Stella