The popular German brand is both stylish and trendy with its trademark three-stripe design. Adidas is recognisable for rooting all things in sport, enabling them to transcend cultures and become one of the most iconic global brands, on and off the field of play. It’s catered for all businesses- ultimately being generalisable to a wide population and being a popular choice at Garment Printing. Being accessible for all, Adidas is defined as innovative and authentic, shaping creative culture.

Garment Printing offers customised Adidas clothing, making it personalised to every business’s own taste. It can be a superb collection for promotional giveaways, as well as helping a business gain the maximum exposure. Customised Adidas clothings are eye-catching and appealing to people who wear them. High quality customised Adidas shirts are effective because they will also carry the slogan of your company. 

Adidas is the perfect choice for those inspired by sportswear, offering warmth and quick-dry fabrics from durable screen printing techniques, reliable for outdoor games. A variety of colours are offered to ensure you look sharp and off the field!

Customised Adidas clothing ranges from embroidered polos, to personalised sweaters, to hats and bags, offering a highly-functional and highly-comfortable effect. With embroidery used to brand your company’s logo – your company can enjoy that same function and comfort.

Adidas Sportswear for Work

Adidas takes on a sustainable approach and uses materials such as ‘’Better Cotton’’, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled rubber and many other things. Recycled polyester is the most used material for Adidas and it has helped reduce their dependency on non-renewable petroleum and decreased our carbon impact. Better Cotton has been a successful choice of material as it’s promoted efficient water use, crop rotation, reduction of the use of pesticides and fair working conditions.

As mentioned, embroidery is a good choice for Adidas clothing printing. It allows the garments to stand out, portraying a 3d effect. However, for orders of 20 or more, screen printing is a popular method used for cotton and polyester material. For top brands like Adidas, Garment Printing chooses high quality organic printing chemicals on high organic quality cotton. High density screen printing on adidas clothing allows maximum amount of ink to be applied on garments, offering that rubbery, stretchy feel of the print. 

Adidas clothing for work comes with a relaxed, easy-to-wear shape. Being both suitable for sports and leisure, Adidas workwear facilitates any of your garment to promote your company, organisation or event. Allowing you to add a personalised element to complete a professional appearance. For example, the screen printed sport bags range from different colours and sizes, at a price you can trust. 

The caps available allow you to stay cool and looking your best, staying out of the sun. They’re all available with personalisation to create your own unique embroidered cap. Adidas workwear also offers trendy embroidered polo tops, allowing you to be the best dressed on the course, while staying cool and performing your best. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, they’re perfect as sports polos for teams, clubs, organisations and more.