American Apparel

American Apparel is a brand known for stylish and fashion-forward clothing items. Their mission is to bring passion, innovation & ethical practices to the clothing industry, and to provide beautiful garments to their customers without sacrificing on social responsibility or quality. 

American Apparel are a youthful, fun and fresh brand that champions ‘doing good’ by their workers and their staff, and the environment. 

American Apparel has been around since 1989, and they are actually one of the world’s largest manufacturers of basic apparel, including items such as: 

  • T-shirts 
  • Socks 
  • Jumpers 
  • Sweaters 
  • Legwear
  • Hoodies 

With such a large scope of products, it’s no wonder they are the first port of call for many people seeking high quality and fresh designs, especially for clothing basics. 

American Apparel aim to make clothing that empowers people to feel good and look good. Their clothing items are high quality, well designed – and also fun, fresh and stylish too. They believe that your clothes are an extension of your personality and you should feel good whilst wearing them. 

Quality assurance 

American Apparel products have no marks and patches, showing the quality and level of quality that these products are. American Apparel also use a very dense cotton, with narrow cuts, and a wide choice of colours – ensuring customers can choose the perfect garment for their needs. 

Environmental and social awareness

American Apparel has had a huge impact on the working situation globally, providing many manufacturing and clothing production jobs to over 48,000 people around the world, with good working conditions and fair pay. But that isn’t where their social and environmental responsibility ends.

“We live in a world without borders. We believe in the dignity and pride that is achieved when doing good work for a fair wage. People everywhere have the right to work and to be treated with respect regardless of location” 

The American Apparel clothing label is grounded on environmental and social awareness. This includes the recycling of fabric scraps, and the recycling of their paper, cardboard boxes, and other qualifying recyclable materials used by people in the company. 

The company also make many items from recycled materials, such as the Baby Rib Thong – which is used from left-over material scraps. All these efforts are part of American Apparel’s mission to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the impact they have on the environment. They are also committed to using solar powered electricity, which has done a great deal to reduce their traditional electricity usage. 

In terms of offering aid and actioning on current ‘crisis’ situations, American Apparel donated 80,000 t-shirts to Hurricane Katrina victims, and 5,000 pairs of shoes too Soles4Souls.

“At American Apparel, we believe that making clothing can improve lives while respecting the environment, the planet, the world we live in.”