Beechfield was first launched a quarter of a century ago, when founder Roger McHugh was working as the sales manager of another reputed clothing wholesaler. During his time there, one of the directors of the company identified brandable headwear as a gap in the market and McHugh, having amassed plenty of years’ experience in the industry, took the challenge onto his own shoulders.

Getting to know Beechfield

The project was an instant success. 1994 was Beechfield’s first year of trading and the fledgling outfit sold a staggering two million caps in those 12 months. Buoyed by that accomplishment, McHugh targeted the European market next and in 1995, translated Beechfield’s entire catalogue – which, at the time, consisted of 15 styles of headwear and 102 individual products – into five languages across the continent. With only three employees working for the company at the time, they went from strength to strength and have never looked back.

From their base in Bury in Greater Manchester and those humble beginnings, Beechfield have since expanded to employ around 30 members of full-time staff, as well as offering 100 different styles of headwear and more than 600 individual products. Ever since day one, McHugh targeted the promotional garment market and directed Beechfield’s efforts towards creating high-quality products that were specifically engineered for personalisation. However, an increased focus on modern fashion trends and cutting-edge designs has meant that Beechfield now operates a very successful Ready Retail line, whose products are so polished and popular that they occupy the shelves of many high street stores without any additional adornment at all.

Over the course of their 25-year history, Beechfield have also been responsible for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the bespoke headwear industry. One particular innovation which stands out from the crowd is their pioneering five-panel cap design, which, unlike regular caps, has no sixth panel and therefore no seam down its central visage. This allows for greater creative freedom when it comes to designing logos or patterns for the front of the cap, without losing any of the structural integrity or long-lasting qualities of the six-panel original. The simple but effective tweak to the design means that it has been copied many times over (but never bettered) by Beechfield’s rivals, establishing itself as a firm favourite in the promotional headwear sector.

Garment Printing are pleased to announce that we stock the five-panel cap in a wide variety of styles, colours and sizes, including options with a fabric flap at the back for a legionnaire look which offers protection against sunburn. That’s just one of the many, many Beechfield products we’re proud to include among our extensive online range. There are beanies, bobble hats, and Urban trappers for use in colder climes, headbands and sports visors for active individuals and Peru tassel hats, festival trilbies and army caps for everyday fashion purposes. In fact, we stock almost every kind of hat you can imagine, fully customisable with your company name, logo, slogan or pattern, as well as offering other accessories such as ear muffs, balaclavas and headscarves. If you can wear it on your head, Beechfield undoubtedly make it and we’ll stock it.

Of course, Beechfield’s impeccable reputation in their field has been built upon creating desirable and durable products which catch the eye and last the test of time. However, they’re also committed to fostering a sustainable business model which will continue to prosper for the next quarter of a century and more by following strong ethical and environmental principles. They maintain a rigorous set of standards which they ensure are adhered to at all of the various factories and plants across their entire supply chain. As well as sourcing only trusted partners and suppliers, they also employ on-the-ground staff to conduct in-situ audits and make sure that the workers are being treated fairly with regard to their health, safety, human rights, welfare and wages. They also meticulously test their processes to ensure they meet the standards set by Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) legislation.

Taking all of that into account (their extensive range of products, their inimitable quality, their forward-thinking design principles, their environmental dedication and their staff support network), it’s no surprise that Garment Printing view Beechfield as an ideal partner with whom to conduct our business today, tomorrow and well into the future. Dive into our online catalogue and find the ideal piece of headwear for your next promotional giveaway – we’re certain we’ll have something in our range to suit your purpose, whatever that may be.