One of the biggest suppliers of personalised clothing in all of Europe, Kustom Kit service the corporate, workplace and promotional markets, as well as offering a range of leisurewear and sportswear items as well. The company is based in Derby but has customers, clients and partners all over the world, with their brand respected for its high quality and impeccable business practices in every corner of the globe.

History of Kustom Kit

They offer all manner of clothing options, from elegant shirts and blouses to casual t-shirts and sweatshirts and everything in between. Their extensive catalogue contains cutting edge fashion items made from fabrics that are easy on the eye and soft to the touch, while all of the choices in their collection are available in a range of sizes to suit all needs and genders. Alongside the flagship Kustom Kit brand, they also operate two other labels under the same umbrella: Gamegear and Bargear.

Gamegear is the company’s dedicated sports brand, offering its customers the perfect blend of performance, comfort and value to beat off all the competition. They are pioneers of Cooltex® activewear, which has been specially designed to elevate performance by absorbing moisture and improving air circulation on the skin. This allows the wearer to stay cool, calm and collected, even under the most extreme conditions and intense pressure. Meanwhile, their Formula Racing collection employs bold designs and contrasting colours to achieve an inimitable aesthetic, without sacrificing on durability or performance.

Bargear, on the other hand, is Kustom Kit’s bespoke hospitality brand. The collection comprises a range of aprons, shirts and polo shirts that have been engineered to combine suaveness and style with stretch fabric technology to allow those working in bars, restaurants and other service environments do what they do best. With such a comprehensive range of clothing options constructed from superior quality fabrics and boasting cutting-edge trends in modern fashion, Kustom Kit are sure to stock apparel that will suit your purposes – and Garment Printing are on hand to customise it even further in any way you wish.

Their commitment to quality doesn’t just stop with the product, either. They extend the same level of professionalism and respect to all aspects of their business, including every person with whom they come into contact throughout the supply chain and the planet upon which they depend for the raw materials that go into their products. 

With that in mind, they make it their responsibility to ensure that every supplier with whom they work adheres to robust national and international standards, including the following minimum thresholds:

  • No employment of child labour younger than the national laws
  • Payment of staff above the minimum wage of the country in question
  • Weekly working schedules must not exceed legal limits
  • All overtime completely voluntary and paid at a premium rate
  • All female staff members must be able to access maternity leave
  • All employees are free to leave their posts after giving notice
  • No discrimination when hiring or firing staff members
  • Safe and hygienic work conditions are paramount, especially in the canteen and bathroom
  • All employees must be able to access basic medical care on site
  • Health and safety protocols must be in place
  • Homeworkers or outsourced labour is not allowed

To ensure that these basic standards are upheld, Kustom Kit insist that all of their suppliers are bearers of a valid audit from at least one of the following recognised authorising bodies: Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) or Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA). They also conduct regular impromptu visits of supplier premises without advance warning to ensure best practices are being followed.

From an environmental perspective, Kustom Kit’s corporate policy is equally impressive. Not only do they actively search out suppliers and manufacturers who employ sustainable principles in their working processes – such as minimising waste and reducing the harmful impacts during production – but they are also constantly re-evaluating their own inhouse procedures. This includes expanding their recycling programme where possible and investigating methods of optimising efficiency across all facets of the business, to reduce power consumption and conserve resources.

It’s for this admirable approach to social responsibility, alongside their superior quality clothing and the chic style with which the brand has become synonymous, that Garment Printing are delighted to count Kustom Kit as one of our trusted suppliers. When it comes to supporting a British-based businesses who are having a truly global impact through their methods and products, Kustom Kit is the ideal choice for your next piece of personalised clothing, regardless of the purpose for which it’s needed.