First founded in 1987 by innovative baggage designer Michael J Pratt, OGIO started out life as an athletic luggage company whose name stood for “Our Gear Is Organised”. True to that mantra, Pratt entered the market with the Travel Cube, a travel tote bag which prioritised organisation above all else. Noticing that most sports bags simply consisted of a cavernous central opening with various smaller pockets tacked onto the side, Pratt realised he could make the design far more efficient and organised with the Travel Cube, and OGIO was born.

Brand history of OGIO

From the initial success of his first product, Pratt branched out into backpacks designed specifically for students, duffel bags, locker bags and executive Travel Cubes, as well as waist pouches and passport wallets. OGIO then headed further into the alternative sports world, creating products and sponsoring teams involved in BMX, motocross and skateboarding. However, today the company is perhaps best known for its extensive range of golf bags and other related apparel and in 2017, it was bought by giants of the sector Callaway.

Regardless of the industry in which OGIO products are sold, they’re consistently known for one thing: innovation. Ever since Pratt’s ingenuity in creating a travel tote bag which allowed for cosmetics and toiletries to be kept in easy-to-reach locations, the brand’s designers have prided themselves on searching for unique, problem-solving solutions to the dimensions, layout and additional features of their bags, setting themselves aside from the competition as a brand that truly cares about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

What are OGIO known for?

Here are a handful of the inventive technological gadgets and gizmos which distinguish them from their rivals:


Combining a standard bag buckle with magnets, Fidlock allows users to effortlessly secure and release the straps on their bags, even when only using one hand. Designed to be easy to use and difficult to break.

Modular Organisational Design (MOD)

These small storage cases come as attachable add-ons to OGIO’s ALPHA Convoy collection and come with both soft and hard outer cases, as well internal mesh pockets and reflective zips.

Cordura Eco

Products made using this sustainable fabric are stress-tested to meet OGIO’s rigorous durability standards, but are created using recycled plastic bottles. Ground down into flakes, the bottles are then converted into chips and spun into a high-strength yarn, from which Cordura Eco is made.

Fit Disc

The Fit Disc sits snugly on the back of the wearer and allows four straps (two over each shoulder and two under each arm) to connect, allowing golfers to carry their heavy bags with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of comfort.

Reactive Suspension System (RSS)

The RSS is a reinforced laptop pocket which is specifically designed to withstand falls or shocks, protecting its precious cargo inside. The most impressive part? The absorption system sends the laptop to the top of the pocket in the case of a fall, ensuring it remains undamaged.

Rapid Access Pockets

Borne of the same time-saving considerations which made the initial Travel Cube such a hit, these exterior pockets allow for easy access and secure closure.


As suggested by the name, this incredibly resistant form of construction uses nylon waterproof fabric and water-resistant zips to keep the contents of your bag safe from the harsher elements Mother Nature has in store.

Exo Shield

The Exo Shield is a single shot moulded exterior backpack which offers protection against impact, resistance against rain, ventilation against overheating and ergonomic design to sit comfortably against your skin.

Structural Load Equalising Deck (SLED)

This sophisticated wheel system has been specifically designed to allow for long life and unbeatable handling in even the harshest conditions.


This smart camel packs fit inside your backpack and allow you to drink without using your hands. Best of all, they have room for ice cubes, incorporate cooling technology and are virtually impervious to leakage.

Tech Vault

This built-in pocket is designed to house sunglasses, phones and other valuable items. Located at the top of the bag for easy access, it’s created out of a strong hard case material that can’t be crushed and protects against damage from falls or trips.

Taking into account all of those incredible innovations, it’s not hard to see why we at Garment Printing are delighted to call OGIO one of our most trusted suppliers. Always endeavouring to think outside the box and come up with new ways to increase convenience and user experience, OGIO are the trend-setters when it comes to forward-thinking bags. But it’s not just luggage with which they concern themselves; OGIO also make high-quality outerwear, including rain jackets, wind jackets and quilted jackets, as well as other items such as fleeces and tee shirts. Whenever you buy a Garment Printing product made by OGIO, you know you’re getting one that’s built with the future in mind.